Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day In America & The War On Women

We honor the Mothers of America on Mother's Day because they are the foundation of our society.  Whether children are born in a traditional marriage, or out of wedlock, they are a gift from God.   There is a passage in the Holy Bible that in essence says, God Knew You Before You Were You.   That means before conception.  As such, each human being is no accident; but rather an act of God.  Aside from the destruction of a human being that occurs whenever there is an abortion, this infanticide is not only a crime against humanity; but against God's intention to create a specific life.   That would make abortion the work of the devil. 

As we celebrate Mothers in America, we must recognize that there really is a War On Women going on; but it is not the War referenced by left wing Socialists to fire up their base every election cycle.   It is a War on Women of faith, who are Pro-Life in traditional marriages.  Somehow in Secular Socialist ideology, only working women, who lack religious faith and support abortion right up until birth, along with those who have sex out of wedlock to produce children as single Mom's, seem to be their focus.  Certainly, women of faith, in traditional marriages with children that more often than not vote Republican, are not the women Socialists speak of when they talk about the War On Women; just their PEEP's. 

Aside from the War on Women of faith happening in the US, there is a real War On Women happening in many Islamic countries.  In many Muslim countries, girls and women have second class status.  In the extreme, they are locked behind Burkas, prohibited from showing their faces in society.   As we are seeing in Nigeria on our Mother's Day, girls can be killed for just going to school, since Islamic Fanatics oppose educating women.   If Socialists in the US want to focus on the War on Women, they should be talking about what is happening throughout the Islamic World.   And, or Socialists should be talking abortions that occur in places like China and India, when it is discovered that the child in the womb is a girl.

Mother's Day is a great time to honor all the mothers in America.   Too bad that the divide in our country even applies to the concept of Motherhood.   It would be great if more mothers could stay home, at least during formative years and care for their children.   However, the tax burden in the US often makes that impossible, since in 65% of homes it takes two working people to support a family.  If local, state and the federal government were not so greedy, taking more and more of our income, perhaps more Moms could stay home to care for their children.  It does not take a Village to raise kids.  It takes two loving parents.   Catholics refer to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as our "Blessed Mother".   The fact is that all Mothers are Blessed by God because childbirth in a miracle.      

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