Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy

As the Veteran's Affairs Scandal explodes on the Obama Administration, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama chose to answer his critics concerning his feckless foreign policy at a speech he gave during the West Point Graduation Ceremony.   This Blogger enjoyed the speech because the President is a very good speaker.   The only problem is that the Obama Doctrine of "leading from behind" and apologizing for American assertiveness around the world is not working.  Instead, Obama is seen as weak an indecisive, which is very dangerous to our national security.  It is a real problem in terms of credibility, when the President of the United States draws a red line in the sand, as Obama has done and then does nothing when the line is crossed.  This sort of thing emboldens our enemies.   

Further, the President and his Socialist pals in Congress have cut about a trillion dollars out of our Defense budget in the next ten years that will hollow out our military and limit our ability to respond to threats to our nation.   Sadly, actions speak much louder than words.  Good speeches don't matter much in the world of geo politics.   We see the end result of Obama's incompetence around the world.  Let me count the way.   Just yesterday, the US ordered the evacuation of all Americans from Libya because they were in extreme danger of being killed, or kidnapped.   Of course, this is after the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans by Terrorists during the Benghazi fiasco.  

Next, Al Queda is on the rise all over Africa, the Middle East, in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.   So while Bin Laden may be dead, the threat to our nation is greater today than when Obama took office.   Christians are also being murdered in many of these countries.   Russia, that was supposed to be our friend, has invaded the Ukraine and taken possession of the Crimea in violation of a treaty signed by Russia with the Ukraine and other countries.   China is moving to take possession of islands in the South China Sea, far from its shores, claimed by other countries in the region.   Iran and North Korea are still pursuing nuclear weapons.   Syria, Egypt and Iraq are a mess, which could threaten Israel and the whole Middle East.  Afghanistan is likely to fall apart once most of our troops are pulled out. 

It is true that we can't continue to be the world's policeman, as asserted by Obama; but the President's weakness only insures that we will get dragged into more conflicts sooner or later.   Ronald Reagan's approach of "Peace Through Strength" is what kept the peace and brought down Communism and the old Soviet Union.   Instead, we now face an assertive Russia and China because they do not fear Obama, or the United States under his command.  Obama will go down as one of the worst President's in American history rivaling Jimmy Carter.  Let's just hope that we can wait until January 20, 2017 for a new President to fix the mess Obama will leave behind. 

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