Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Struggle Within Islam

Some large percentage of Muslims not only hate Western Values and Freedom, they also hate modern Islam.  These Islamic Fanatics are murdering many more Muslims, in the name of Jihad, Holy War, than they are killing Westerners.   Though President Pinocchio Obama does not want to acknowledge the real threat and often will not call these Islamic Fanatics Terrorists,  it is the reality that we face.   The question is when are more moderate Muslims going to stand up and finally say ENOUGH.  These Islamic Fanatics want to take their countries back 700 years.  And, in many ways, this struggle is about the place of women in society.

Obviously despite what we often hear from left wing Socialists in Western Countries, women have equal rights in the Western world.  Women are often more educated and hold higher level jobs than men in Western countries.  The same is very often not true in Islamic countries.  Women in some Islamic countries are not even allowed to drive.  And, as result of the Internet and all sorts of available media, the differences in our societies are plainly evident.   The genie is out of the bottle.  Islamic Fanatic men want their women subservient to them.   Western values and media make that pretty difficult to maintain. 

Most important, to keep the peace in Saudi Arabia, the royal family has bought off their Fundamentalist Clerics by funding Madrases around the world that teach this orthodox form of Islam, which includes hatred for everything Western, including Christians and Jews seen as infidels.  Until the government of Saudi Arabia shuts down these schools, preaching hatred, we will continue to see more Terrorists and acts of Terrorism around the world.  There is a struggle going on within Islam.  If the Moderates don't take control, they will be destroyed by the Fanatics.  It is already happening.       

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