Friday, May 23, 2014

Obama Insurance Company Bail Out Coming

There is a little provision in ObamaCare that will allow Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to bail out the medical insurance companies when they see their profits go down the drain because of ObamaCare.   The fact is that those with chronic aliments have signed up for ObamaCare, well dah!   And, not enough young people, that are healthy and willing to pay three times the premiums, that would be logical for them, signed up to subsidize all the older sick people on ObamaCare.  

Any one with a brain could see this coming and that includes Obama and the Socialists in Congress, who enacted ObamaCare, knowing that the numbers were all smoke and mirrors.   That is precisely why this provision allowing for a bail out, without any additional act of Congress, was put in the law.  So now, Obama will give billions of tax payer dollars to the insurance companies to prevent a huge spike in medical insurance premiums for all Americans, that would otherwise be necessary, just before the 2014 elections.   What a surprise!!

ObamaCare is contributing to the bankruptcy of the United States.   This monstrosity will cost trillions of borrowed dollars in the next ten years, adding to our National Debt, with no end in sight.  Further, ObamaCare was never about quality health care, or health care reform.  It was always about big government Socialist control over one sixth of the US economy.   ObamaCare is another Katrina and National Disaster that will destroy our health care system.   Hopefully, when Americans go to the polls in 2014 and 2016, they will punish the Socialists who did this to them by throwing the bums out of office.   

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