Friday, May 16, 2014

Tea Party Victory In Nebraska

The demise of the Tea Party, a goal of both Socialists and Establishment Republicans, is wishful thinking.  In fact, Tea Party favorite candidate Ben Sasse scored a huge victory in the Republican Primary for Senate, getting twice as many votes as the next two Establishment Republicans combined.  Sasse will be the next Republican Senator from Nebraska, since he will win the general election in this heavily Red State.   However, this is not just about Tea Party support and endorsements.  It is as much about having a really smart, attractive, articulate, Conservative candidate who can appeal to all wings of the Republican Party. 

Ben Sasse is a Conservative, not a RINO, who supports limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations as the best way to grow our economy and create jobs, while cutting government spending to stop the deficits and pay off our National Debt.  Sasse is just a Common Sense Conservative.   However, Socialists and the lame stream, left wing media paint anyone who has these beliefs as a "racist" because invariably it mean reforming Entitlements to those on the dole, Obama's PEEP's.  Ideas like Workfare instead of Welfare, requiring able bodied Americans on Welfare, to either clean up their own neighborhoods, or go to a vocational school to learn a job skill, as a condition of getting Welfare, is just one of many constructive ideas to reform this Entitlement that today is out of control.   Also, it is important to recognize that in real numbers there are more White Americans on Welfare than Black Americans; though it is true that as a percentage of the population more Blacks receive Welfare than Whites.   But none of that matters.   Workfare is just common sense. 

We have an ever expanding and intrusive federal government that taxes too much, borrows too much and spends too much.  The waste, fraud and abuse that exists at all levels of the federal government is legend.   The Tea Party is just standing up and saying ENOUGH.  Anyone in America who thinks the Tea Party is going away any time soon must be smoking dope.  No amount of Socialist, or Establishment Republican bullying will deter those of us that are Common Sense Conservatives just trying to get our country back on track to prevent the economic collapse of the United States.  This big win in Nebraska for Ben Sasse is just another example of Tea Party tenacity.       

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