Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Common Core - Now The Gestapo Tactics

Common Core, driven by the federal government, to control public education in the United States is "so good" that supporters are now running ads nationally to sell it and defend it.  Socialists have turned on their propaganda machine, once again, to sell this Big Government Socialist Scheme.  Common Core is the ObamaCare of public education; another train wreck coming at the American people.   And, the Public Education Gestapos are now out to punish anyone that does not go along.  Of course, the Socialists are threatening to withhold federal funds if the public school establishment does not tow the party line.   That is nothing new. 

But what is worse is that kids are being punished for opting out of Common Core testing as is allowed under the Scheme.  Alyssa McKinney, an 8th grade student at Whitesburg Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama was given two in-school suspensions after telling school officials that she did not agree with the requirement and that she was opting out.   When she opted out the third day, she was given and out-of-school suspension.   Seirra Olivero, a 13 year old student at Orange-Ulster BOCES in New York was suspended from school for "insubordination" after telling classmates that they could opt out of taking the Common Core English test.  What ever happened to Freedom of Speech. 

Meanwhile, school officials in Arkport, New York rewarded children who took the Common Core test with ice cream, while denying it to those students that opted out.  It is very clear that Socialist Public School Education Gestapos and some RINOS support Common Core as an easy means of federalizing public education.  Socialists and teachers unions want "national standards" controlled by the federal government to blunt local control that involves parents in particular.    Common Core is just another big government Socialist Scheme that has nothing to do with improving education.   It is all about federal control of public schools. 

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