Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Veterans Affairs Scandal - No Drama Obama One More Time

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama went on TV to tell us he is really mad about the Veterans Affairs Scandal that has resulted in the death and medical mistreatment of thousands of VETS.  Yep, No Drama Obama is really mad and he told us he will not tolerate shenanigans at the Veterans Affairs Department "PERIOD".   Of course, we heard the same word when Obama was selling ObamaCare when he told us we could keep out doctors and medical plans "PERIOD" and we all know that turned out to be another big Obama lie.  As usual, Obama has promised us another investigation to get to the bottom of the Veterans Affairs Scandal. 

Let's see, where have we heard this story before.  This Blogger seems to recall similar outrage from Obama related to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying on all Americans and ObamaCare.   Yet, the President just can't bring himself to talk about FIRING anybody in the federal government that is not only incompetent; but guilty of criminal activity.   That is because Obama himself is incompetent.

Most important, what we are seeing in this Veteran Affairs Scandal is big government in action.  Since there is no accountability, or profit motive involved in providing medical services to the VET's going to Veterans Affairs' Medical facilities and hospitals, we are seeing a Socialist National Health Service in action much as occurs in many other countries in the world.   Bottom line is when they get to you they get to you.   These bureaucrats don't care that people have to wait months for appointments because in this case they have a captive customer who can't afford to go any place else for service.   And, further since their bonuses were tied to meeting certain metrics, the bureaucrats just cooked the booked to make it look like they were providing quality service.   In other words, they committed fraud and should go to jail.  But don't count on it ever happening. 

So whenever any Socialist in government speaks of government medical services for all, just remember the debacle happening at the Veterans Affairs Department.   Just imagine if all Americans were in this horrible big government system. 

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