Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's Veteran's Affairs Scandal - Heads Need To Roll

This Blogger cannot recall a time in my life time when a President of the United States had so many Scandals in process.   In many ways, the Veteran Affairs Scandal, that resulted in medical mistreatment of thousands of VETS and even the early death of many of them is the worst to date.   This is especially the case because apparently Obamanistas knew this was happening and did nothing to stop it.  Administrators at the Veterans Affairs Department fabricated performance records to earn bonuses.   This is outright fraud requiring prosecution.   Many of these characters need to go to jail.   And, failure to provide medical services in a timely manner was not just malpractice, it may involve criminal homicide, since lack of care resulted in deaths. 

It is time for HEADS TO ROLL.   Dr. Robert Petzel, Under Secretary at the Veterans Affairs Department was either guilty of a cover up if he knew this crap was happening, or incompetence if he had no knowledge of what was happening under him.  Petzel, who was going to retire anyway, resigned to earn his fat pension.   He should have been FIRED and action should be taken to cut his pension.   Many of these bureaucrats should be in jail, rather than allowed to retire to Florida.   However, a fish rots from the head back.   Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki should be FIRED for blatant incompetence.   The fact that Shinseki was a decorated General obviously does not make him qualified to run the Veteran Affairs Department.   Shinseki has to go.

If Obama had a brain in his head, which is often doubtful, he would FIRE Shinseki and bring someone in from business who has run a big company to clean house.  If Obama was really smart, which again is doubtful, he would appoint a well know Republican to run the Veteran Affairs Department.   It would be politically brilliant; but it is not going to happen.   Obama will stick by Shinseki, at least for now because Obama faces crisis like a deer in the headlights.   In the mean time, our VETS suffer at the hands of an incompetent, or fraudulent government bureaucracy.  What a shame. 

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