Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another IRS Scandal - Heads Need To Roll

The Inspector General has reported that the IRS has given out Billions of dollars erroneously in the Earned Income Tax Credit.  These are actually refund checks that go to the working poor to encourage them to work rather than go on Welfare.  The EITC was signed into law by President Reagan to encourage work rather than Welfare.  In that sense, it was a good idea.   However, we know now that in the last year, the IRS gave out somewhere between $13.3 Billion and $15.6 Billion to people who did not qualify for this Entitlement.  This is roughly a quarter of the $62 Billion in annual payments that go out the door each year to 27 million Americans.  And, that from 2003 - 2013, the amount erroneously doled out was somewhere between $124.1 Billion and $148.2 Billion. 

It is impossible to retrieve those monies since they are long spent by the people who got them.   So now, the real question is whose heads are going to roll for this huge error.   Can you even imagine if something like this happened in business.   Not only would people be FIRED, some of them might even go to jail, since this involves fraud.  But remember, this is the Obama Administration where Obamanistas lie, cheat,steal, extort and borrow to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is no where to be found in relation to this new IRS Scandal.   A Special Prosecutor should be appointed to figure out who at the IRS is responsible for wasting Billions of taxpayer dollars.  Yep, that will happen when hell freezes over. 

This sort of thing is what makes this Blogger opposed to tax increases of any kind.   Feeding the beast even more of our hard earned money just makes the beast grow fatter and full of lard in the form of federal government waste, fraud and abuse.  The money we give them is not going to pay down the National Debt, in fact the more we give them, the more they borrow and add to the National Debt.   These Socialists and RINOS in the federal government are addicted to borrowing and spending much the same way crack addicts are addicted to crack.   To get high, they need more and more.  Just like the addict that eventually overdoses and dies, we will see the economic collapse of the United States before we hit bottom.   It is coming sure as day.        

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