Monday, February 17, 2014

Socialists and Global Warming - Just Another Socialist Scheme

Socialists have stopped using the term Global Warming.  Now they talk about Climate Change because when Americans in the East, Midwest and South experience the coldest winter in decades, we obviously cannot relate to the term Global Warming.   But, it now gets worse.  French speaking, brie eating Secretary of State John Kerry, with his Boston accent now claims that Climate Change is as big a threat to the world as Weapons of Mass Destruction.   So, if the climate is changing by a few degrees every few hundred years, whether getting hotter or cooler, which is still debatable, Kerry is now claiming that it has the same impact as a nuclear explosion detonated by a Terrorist in a major US city.  It is clear that Kerry is a rich, kept man, high brow, Socialist moron. 

Here is the real story.  Socialists, including President Pinocchio Obama want to tax all carbon based energy used in the industrialized world, specifically in North America and Europe, to grow government even bigger, which will slow economic growth in the private sector.   These characters hate Free Markets and Capitalism.  Socialists intentionally want to cause a lower standard of living for the American people.   These loons believe that the West is too rich when compared to the developing world.   Socialist believe that we in the West use too much of the world's natural resources at the expense of the poor.  Socialists like Obama not only want to redistribute income in the United States.  They want to redistribute income out of the United States to the third world. 

The reality is that carbon emissions in industrialized Western countries have been falling for years.   The real problem, if it is a problem related to carbon emissions, is coming from China and India that have refused to sign any kind of treaty limiting their use of carbon based energy.  China, in particular, is bringing on a new coal fired power plant every week, which is the reason pollution in China is unbearable.   The reality is that there is nothing that can be done by Western countries that would have any impact on the environment as long as China and India continue polluting the air without any limits.  

However, none of this matters.   Dealing with Global Warming, or Climate Change, the new Socialist term, is just one more Socialist Scheme focused on redistribution of wealth, growing government, destroying the private sector and forcing Americans to have a lower standard of living.   Of course, you will never hear the truth from Pinocchio Obama, his minions, or his Socialist pals in government.  

The fact is that Climate Change is a normal occurrence that has been happening in the world for thousands of years.  Whether human activity is contributing to it, or not, is irrelevant.   If it is happening, which again is debatable, it is the result of normal climatic cycles that have occurred long before there was any carbon emissions produced by human beings.   Don't believe all the Socialist hype and left wing science.  Always remember, Socialist will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   All the Socialist hype about Global Warming is just one more example. 

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