Sunday, February 9, 2014

John Kennedy Was A Conservative

What often gets lost in the stories about Camelot, a reference to President John F. Kennedy's Administration, is that he was a Roman Catholic Conservative who opposed abortion.   Kennedy once said that he was a Democrat because he was born one.   All should remember that 1960 was a very different time with a very different Democrat Party.   The Democrat solid South was then run by Democrat racists, until they saw the light, including Lyndon B. Johnson.  It is true that Kennedy began pushing for Civil Rights legislation, as the right thing to do, before he was murdered; but it only happened after Johnson took over with Republican support.   Don't forget it was Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, who freed the slaves.   Democrats in the South did everything possible to repress and even murder Blacks after the Civil War, including forming the Ku Klux Klan. 

John Kennedy was a fiscal Conservative.  He did not expand the Welfare state in his short term in office.  Matter of fact, Kennedy did not support big government Keynesian economics when pushed by John Kenneth Galbraith, the liberal economist in his Administration.   Galbraith later commented that Kennedy told him to shut up.  The only reason Kennedy invested in the space race was because of the Soviet threat; not because he believed in new government programs.  John Kennedy like Ronald Reagan believed that "a rising tide raises all boats", which is the reason Kennedy enacted a tax cut to spur economic growth. 

John Kennedy was also a hawk who often referred to the "Commie" Threat.  It was John Kennedy who risked nuclear war, rather than allow the Soviet Communists to place nuclear armed missiles in Cuba.   We can only wonder what Socialist President Pinocchio Obama would do today if faced with the same threat; probably lead from behind at the United Nations. 

John F. Kennedy was an old style Northeastern Democrat and probably even a closet Conservative Republican.   Socialists today claim Kennedy as one of their heroes; but the fact is that John Kennedy was no Socialist.  Far from it.  John Kennedy had a lot more in common with Ronald Reagan than Pinocchio Obama; that's for sure.  A new revisionist history book is coming out shortly that makes this case. 

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