Sunday, February 9, 2014

Immigration Reform - Obama Can't Be Trusted

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has slowed down the pace of Immigration Reform legislation in the House of Representative because Republican don't trust Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, who is ignoring current Immigration Laws on the books now by Executive Order.   Republicans fear that Obama will use his "pen and his phone" to rewrite whatever Immigration legislation is enacted as he is doing with ObamaCare and many other laws on the books.   Who can blame them for distrusting Obama.  Most Americans distrust Obama, the Liar In Chief. 

The real issue is what to do about the 11 million illegal aliens working in our country now.  Under no circumstances should those who came to America older than 18 years old be given a path to citizenship, outside the normal legal system.  These people should have to wait in line just like the millions of others that want to come to our country.   An argument could be made that kids brought to America involuntarily that graduate from our high schools should be given an opportunity to become citizens.   For all intents and purposes, these kids are Americans now, referred to as Dreamers.   They are less Dreamers than kids just caught between their parents and the law. 

If Congress provides legal status to their parents, allowing them to pay a fine and come out of the shadows, the law must be iron clad denying Pinocchio Obama any opportunity to somehow give these people a path to citizenship outside the normal process.  It is obvious that Obama must be denied any wiggle room, on penalty of Impeachment because given the chance, Obama will put these people on the dole and give them citizenship to gain more Socialist voters.   Republicans cannot allow that to happen.  

Specific to other issues that should be a no brainer, like securing the border first, again without any wiggle room for Pinocchio,  allowing foreign college graduates to stay in our country by providing an automatic Green Card and allowing more educated immigrants with skills we need to enter our country legally, Republicans should act in 2014 to get this done.   It is true that Obama can't be trusted; but fortunately he will be gone in a few years so perhaps, just maybe, we can get back to honest Constitutional government, instead of Obama's Presidential illegal actions.   

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