Friday, February 14, 2014

New Cadillac Ad Celebrates American Dream

A new Cadillac ad celebrates the American Dream recognizing that hard work and ambition that lead to wealth is a good thing.  This ad is in contrast to Obamanista Socialist ideology that the rich are evil causing income inequality.  It is ironic that Obama bailed out GM to benefit the auto unions at the expense of the bond holders, the real owners of GM.   But now, the marketing company working with GM to sell Cadillacs realizes that the people that might buy Cadillacs are not Socialists.  

In fact, this funny new ad mocks the French for taking 4 weeks vacation and the whole month of August off as anti-American, saying that two weeks vacation and hard work are what allows Americans to have the good life; not more time off.  This is happening as Obama is trying to "transform" the United States into a European style Socialist country with a much lower standard of living, the same as in Europe. 

From a personal standpoint, this Blogger used to own GM cars including Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs.  It all ended one day when the local Cadillac dealer refused to service my car because each time I was asked to return a service survey, I continued to complain about the fact that the dealer closed their service department on Saturdays, which made it inconvenient to me.  They turned me away, a 20 year customer, rather than continue to get my ding on their ratings.  I even called GM in Detroit to complain and I was told that the local dealer could choose to do business with whom ever they chose to which I said that I had the same option. 

That particular year in 2008, this Blogger's family bought four cars; a Mercedes, a Lexus and two Honda's never to return to GM again.  Given the government bail out of GM and Chrysler that cost the American taxpayer more than $15 billion when the dust settled and my prior experience, I pledged that I would never buy a GM, or Chrysler product again.   Though I must say, Cadillac's new ad has caught my attention.  Now if only they would open their service department on Saturday again, just maybe I will consider Cadillac as an option.  Of course, now that the federal government no longer owns any part of GM, the Senior Management of GM better tell Socialist Obama that it is ok to get rich in America.  In fact, it is the American Dream. 

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