Saturday, February 22, 2014

Obama Cuts To Medicare Advantage Program Coming

Ever since ObamaCare was enacted, robbing Medicare of $700 Billion, this Blogger has been saying that there will be big cuts to the Medicare Advantage Program impacting about 20 million Seniors, about 30% of Medicare recipients.   The Medicare Advantage Program is an HMO, provided by insurance companies and paid for by the federal government, that primarily lower income Seniors often opted for rather than having straight Medicare with all of its deductibles and co pays. 

For many Seniors, the Medicare Advantage Program cost little or nothing more than straight Medicare premiums.  However, in exchange, since this is an HMO program, it is limited to only certain doctors and hospitals.  This Blogger's 93 year old mother, who gets very little in Social Security and Pension, has been in a California Medicare Advantage Program for years.   It has worked very well for my Mom through various surgeries and monthly medical care. 

In April, once these 3 - 5% cuts kick in, insurance companies offering the Medicare Advantage Program will determine if they will continue to offer these programs, if they will have to restrict doctors and hospitals further and or if they will have to begin charging recipients monthly premiums.   My guess is that the insurance companies will do all of the above.   By the way, AARP, the American Association of Retired People went along with these cuts to sell more Medigap policies that earn them big commissions.  So, when Socialist President Pinocchio Obama promised the American people that they could keep their current medical plans and doctors, once again related to millions of Seniors, this will prove to be a another very big lie. 

So Medicare Advantage recipients beware,  your benefits will be cut, one way or another, to fund ObamaCare.   That was always part of the plan.  Now 40 Senators, including many Socialists, are asking President Pinocchio Obama to delay these cuts so that they don't hit before the 2014 election.   What a surprise!!  The problem is that Obama needs these cuts to fund ObamaCare, which is already going to cost double what was originally projected.  

So just watch what happens in the next few months.  The Socialists are running scared.   Obama is likely to push these Medicare Advantage cuts out beyond the 2014 election.   Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding as the trough.  This Medicare Advantage Program is just one more example.

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