Thursday, February 6, 2014

Drugs, Hollywood & Socialists

Recently, a fine actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, died of a heroin overdose and Hollywood mourned his death.   Broadway turned off their lights for one minute to honor him.  Every time a high profile Hollywood type dies of an overdose, it is big news.   The fact is that hundreds, maybe thousands of Americans die every year in the United States of a drug overdose.  We rarely hear about any of those people.

Hollywood, supported by their Socialist allies and the lame stream, left wing media, is a drug culture.  Rather than condemn the use of drugs,  when one of these deaths occurs, Hollywood often makes it look like fun in movies and even downplays the harmful effect of drug abuse.   When a Hollywood type dies, they do mourn the death; but never condemn the behavior. 

Now many states are legalizing recreational use of Marijuana.  Socialist President Pinocchio Obama claims that Marijuana is no different than alcohol, when there are studies that show that continued use actually causes brain damage in the form of a lower IQ.  The President admits to drug use when he was young so perhaps that is the reason Obama seems to be tolerant of drugs.  Further, many of the same people who support Marijuana, abhor cigarette smoking.  Isn't putting smoke in your lungs that causes cancer and contains one addictive chemical, or another equally as bad.  This Blogger just does not understand this positioning.

Drugs, Hollywood and Socialists go together.  Hollywood has done more to promote the legalization of drugs, that every now and then kills one of their own.  If they don't care, why should we.  Only problem is that drugs are killing hundreds, if not thousands of Americans every year that we all should care about, especially the impacted families.   Too bad Hollywood, Socialists and the lame stream media just don't care about the tragic deaths they are causing.   


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