Friday, February 14, 2014

Republicans - Always About The Next Election

The Republican Party Establishment in Washington believes that the ObamaCare Debacle is the key to victory in 2014 and 2016.  While it may allow them to retain the House of Representatives, opposition to ObamaCare alone will not be the basis for winning back the US Senate and eventually the Presidency.   In the last few months, rather than make waves, Republicans allowed a Budget to be enacted that raised spending and increased the National Debt Ceiling in the name of "governing", rather than face criticism from Socialists and the lame stream left wing media.  As a political junkie, I fully understand the strategy. 

However, if "governing" means contributing to the bankruptcy of the country and the eventual collapse of the United States, then Thanks for Nothing.   The fact is that RINOS at the state and federal level have been complicit in expanding 100 years of Socialist Creep and deficit spending for years to stay in power feeding at the trough just like Socialists.   The only difference is that Republicans often claim to be for limited government, lower taxes and less regulation and moan a bit when it does not happen; but when push comes to shove they do not take the hard stands necessary to get our fiscal house in order.  Republicans are just as responsible for our $17.3 Trillion National Debt as Socialists. 

It is true that Republicans can't be the party of NO.   Republicans do need to be the party of solutions and an opportunity society.  Now is the time for Republicans in the House of Representatives to enact legislation to cut spending and taxes, reform our tax and Entitlement systems, limit government, replace ObamaCare, reform Immigration and strike down regulations that are job killers.   Of course, none of this will go anywhere with Socialists in control of the White House and the Senate; but it does not matter.  

The American people need to understand the Republican definition of "governing".  In addition, Conservatives need a reason to go to the polls in 2014 and 2016, if Republicans are to have any chance of retaining the House of Representatives, gaining the Senate and winning the Presidency. 
Right now this Blogger is inclined to sit on my hands and checkbook, rather than support a Republican Party at the state and federal level that talks a good game; but is missing in action. 

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