Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arizona - Religious Versus Personal Freedom

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer correctly vetoed a bill that would have allowed a business owner the right to deny the sale of goods and services to a customer based on religious grounds.   Fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that the gay life style is an abomination based on Bible, Torah, or Koran teachings.  This Arizona bill actually emanated from two legal cases; one involving a baker and one a videographer that refused to do business with Gay customers on religious grounds.  Discrimination lawsuits were the end result.   The Arizona legislature attempted to protect the business owner, who on the basis of religious convictions, chose not to do business with Gays, or anybody else. 

As a business owner, while I might turn away a known murderer, rapist, pedophile, dead beat, or anyone asking us to do something illegal, or dishonest, turning away business from anyone else is inconceivable to me and just plain dumb.  Though this Blogger businessman is a Common Sense Pro-Life Christian Conservative, I am not God.  It is God's job to judge all of us for our sins while living and on judgement day.   If God believes being Gay is an abomination, then God will have to implement whatever punishment is appropriate.   God may already be doling out punishment for those who hook up to have unprotected sex in the form of Aids, Syphilis, Herpes and Hepatitis C, all debilitating diseases, that impact men and women of all persuasions that make bad decisions.  Maybe this is part of God's Plan.  Who knows?

However, as a company that is not part of a church, or other religious organization, other than the effect on our company health care medical premiums, what happens in someone's bedroom is none of my business.   Governor Jan Brewer got it right when she vetoed this legislation.   When any business owner hangs up a sign that says "Open for Business"; it is to all who can pay the bill, regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.   This in no way violates anyone's right to practice their religion, however they choose to do so. 

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