Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dirty Harry Reid & The Do Nothing US Senate

When Socialist President Pinocchio Obama talks about the Do Nothing Congress, he really should be talking about the Do Nothing US Senate, led by Socialist Majority Leader Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada.  Aside from repealing ObamaCare more than 40 times, the Republican led House of Representatives has enacted more than 40 bills that would create jobs and be good for America.  Dirty Harry will not even allow those bills to come up for debate in the US Senate because he knows that many of them would be enacted with Bi-Partisan support.  And, if the President would just do his job, instead of always talking about it, these bills could be crafted, based on compromise, that would satisfy both Conservatives and Socialists in government.  That is how our government is supposed to work.  Instead, we see gridlock because of Dirty Harry Reid. 

If Dirty Harry would have allowed these Republican enacted bills to be debated and voted on in the Senate, instead of averaging 2% GDP growth since 2009, we might have seen 3% or higher GDP growth.   However, since the Socialist's goal is to get as many people on the dole as possible to insure that these low information Americans will vote for Socialists, allowing them to stay in office, feeding at the trough, the last thing Socialists want is a thriving economy and Middle Class.  The President and his Socialist pals in government have achieved their goal.  We now have the highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate in three decades, thanks to Socialist economic schemes. 

But this time, it is going to backfire.  Socialists have given up any hope of taking back the House of Representatives in 2014.  They now are completely focused on the US Senate, where seven Socialist seats are in jeopardy because of Obama's failed policies.   These Socialist Senators, all in red states that were won by Mitt Romney and by big margins, will not be even be seen with Obama, Reid or Pelosi because they know that they are poison for them.

If there is any person in the country that is responsible for ObamaCare, it is Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada. who used a parliamentary maneuver to cram ObamaCare through the Senate.  Since not one Republican in Congress voted for ObamaCare, anyone who has lost their health insurance and or seen their premiums and deductibles go up dramatically can thank Dirty Harry Reid.  Reid who has been in the US Senate is a millionaire by questionable means.   Reid has family members working in Washington DC, earning millions of dollars as paid lobbyists, lobbying Reid.  Go figure.   Even thought he will be 75 years old by then, Senator Dirty Harry Reid has already announced that he will seek a 7th term in 2016, senile or not.  Certainly, there is too much corrupt money to be made for Reid and his family to leave voluntarily.  Reid will either have to be carried out of the Senate,  or defeated to get rid of this dinosaur and poster child for term limits. 

Common Sense Conservatives must be elected in 2014 and 2016 that believe in Free Market Capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulations if we have any hope of getting our country back on track.   We have to keep the House of Representatives and take back the US Senate to get rid of Socialist Senator Dirty Harry and all his shenanigans.  This one man has done more to harm our nation that any single other person, including Pinocchio Obama, in modern history.   We have to send Dirty Harry back to that hell hole he came from in Search Light, Nevada and the sooner the better.  Of course, Reid will never come back to Nevada.  Living at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC, raking in the big bucks, is more likely to remain his home away from home. 

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