Monday, February 10, 2014

American Morality & The Rest Of The World

Hollywood, the lame stream left wing media and Socialists in government in the US have established what is acceptable related to morality in our country.   So hooking up to have sex outside of marriage, having babies out of wedlock, using drugs, unlimited access to abortion and gay marriage are all considered fine by some in America that for the moment control the American media and our government.  And, it is these things that they attempt to impose on all Americans and the rest of the world.   Only problem is that most Americans and Billions of other people in the world do not support this left wing, politically correct version of morality.

In fact, many Christians, Jews and Muslims, in particular, do not support any of these things.  Many people of the Book (Bible, Torah and Koran) are incensed by this left wing, politically correct version of morality.  In the extreme, it is one of the reasons radical Muslims are waging Jihad (Holy War) against Western countries when they refer to the US as the Great Satan.   Whether right or wrong, they do not want these values imposed on them.  Rest of the world, be assured, it is Hollywood, the lame stream left wing media and Socialists in America that are agents of the devil, not the vast majority of the American people.  In our country, we fight our government, as well, but in court to stop Obama and Socialist government over reach and intrusion into our personal freedom to believe as we choose. 

Even so, Obamanistas attempt to impose their left wing, secular morality in our foreign policy as they lecture other countries because they do not support the moral values espoused in our popular culture by Hollywood, the lame stream left wing media and the atheist Socialists that run our government.   Obviously, this does not go over very well in many countries that hold to more traditional religious values of right and wrong and moral behavior.   Who is to say that the morality demonstrated in our popular culture is the right approach.  Clearly, billions of people in the world, including most Americans, believe otherwise.   This is the basis of the culture clash in America and the reason why we are so divided often into Red and Blue states.   In fact, we have never been so divided since the Civil War. 

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