Friday, February 7, 2014

EPA Gestapo Killing The Coal Industry & Jobs

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's radical EPA Gestapo is determined to destroy the coal industry.   Shortly, the President will do by Executive Order what he can't get done by an act of Congress.  The EPA is planning to set emission standards, related to coal fired power plants so low, that no new coal plant will ever be built in the United States again.   Our country has a 200 years supply of cheap coal.  Rather than figuring out ways to make energy cleaner, safer and cheaper, Obama is doing everything he can by Executive Order to raise the cost of energy in the United States, which is going to hurt the poor and Middle Class most.

But the story is not over.   Just wait and see since utility prices continue to rise, Socialists in the US will soon advocate energy subsidies, to put more people on the dole, the same as occurs in Europe because the cost of energy there is so high as a result of government actions and taxes.   In the mean time, we are having one for the coldest winters in years.   So much for Global Warming. 

And, then there are all the jobs that will be lost in coal country.  Many coal miner families have been mining coal for generations earning very good money.  These are people with little or no education often earning $80,000 or more a year.  Coal is integral to a Middle Class in coal country.   Once these jobs are gone, what are these people supposed to do.  Oh, I know;  go on extended Unemployment, Welfare, Disability and Food Stamps, what else.

Socialist President Obama is destroying the Middle Class in America and increasing the number of the poor by providing his new Entitlement programs to keep them on the dole voting for Socialists.   Middle Class families are earning about $5,000 a year less since Obama was elected.  ObamaCare is the icing on the cake as the Brookings Institute, a liberal Thank Tank, just reported that 80% of Americans will pay more for health insurance as a result of ObamaCare.   This is primarily the Middle Class they are talking about.   Any time the President, or any of his Socialist pals in government talk about helping the poor and Middle Class, all should know that these statements are just more Obama lies and B--L S--T.  Obama is not called Pinocchio for nothing. 

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