Monday, May 2, 2011

Pakistan - Friend Or Enemy

The United States has given Pakistan Billions of dollars in both military and humanitarian aid during the last decade; yet we still don't know if this country is a friend or enemy.   Clearly, the location of Osama Bin Laden's "mansion" apparently built for him in 2005, just a short walking distance from a major Pakistani Military Training Center makes one wonder if the Pakistani army was not in fact protecting Bin Laden.   Just imagine some one trying to build a walled compound of this size near West Point, or any of our army bases.  

How is it possible that the Pakistani military was not aware of who was living in this compound.  Further, this town was very near the capital of Islamabad in a very affluent area where there were many higher level members of the Pakistani military living.   It is therefore inconceivable that the Pakistani military was unaware of this high profile neighbor.  This is probably the reason why Pakistan was not informed of our military operation to get Bin Laden until it was over.   The Pakistani Military and perhaps their government cannot be trusted. 

Most Muslim nations are notoriously corrupt and Pakistan is no exception to this rule.  Bin Laden had the money to bribe and otherwise buy members of the Pakistani government and military.   And, who knows, this compound may very well have been built with American money given to Pakistan.   We have reached a divide in the road related to Pakistan.   First, we must stop giving them American hard earned tax payer dollars.  Clearly, the Billions Pakistan has gotten from us has not bought us a reliable ally.  

This is a very unstable country with nuclear weapons that must be contained.   By the way, it was the head of Pakistan's nuclear program, A.Q. Khan, that secretly sold their nuclear technology to both Iran and North Korea.   This character is viewed as the father of their nuclear program in their defense against India.  So once discovered the Pakistani government put their nuclear chief, A.Q. Khan under house arrest, which means nothing.  Remember, a friend of our enemy is our enemy. 

We must work with India to best contain Pakistan since Pakistan is full of people who hate the United States.  India is a reliable US ally.   Pakistan is not.   So, it makes no sense for us to pretend that Pakistan is working with the United States in our fight on Terrorism, when their country is full of Islamic Fascist Terrorists.   It is time for the US and Socialist President Obama to wake up and recognize the reality that we face in Pakistan.   We need to play hard ball with Pakistan and tell them that the game is over.   No more Billions and no more free ride.    It is time for Socialist President Obama to walk loudly and use the big stick on Pakistan.   They are either with us or against us and if they are against us, they should be treated as an enemy not a friend.      

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