Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama - Alligators In A Moat

Socialist President Obama journeyed to El Paso, Texas to give a speech on Immigration Reform.   Since Obama promised Latinos that he was going to provide amnesty to 12 million Illegal Aliens when he ran for the Presidency in 2008 and he has failed to deliver, even when Socialists controlled both Houses of Congress, Obama now has to shore up his falling poll ratings with Hispanics in our country.   But Hispanics are no different than any other Americans.   The fact is that there are about 22 million Americans in our country that are either out of work, underemployed working part time that want full time work, or who have simply given up looking for work altogether.   No doubt, there are many Hispanics in this number.

And, Hispanics are also paying $4 a gallon for gas and higher energy prices overall because of Obama's failed "green" energy policy.   So, the best Obama can do it portray Republicans as anti-Latino.   In his speech in El Paso, Obama claimed great success at securing our border.   The only problem with Obama's claim is that the General Accounting Office, that monitors government performance, has reported that 56% of our Southern border has no border security at all.  The end result is that we still have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens entering our country each year, along with illegal drugs and even Terrorists.   So rather than acknowledge his failure, Obama chided Republicans by saying that they will always want more border patrol and taller walls and even a moat with alligators at the border.   Obama claimed that Republicans are never satisfied.  Frankly, if a moat with alligators solved the problem,  then we should build the moat.  

President Obama is absolutely right.   The American people, which includes Republicans, Independents, many old style Democrats (not Socialists) and even Hispanics are not satisfied with his performance related to securing our border.   Isn't it interesting that Obama did not go to Arizona, which is ground zero related to the Illegal Alien issue.  Instead, Obama is suing Arizona because they are simply trying to enforce federal laws on the books related to identifying and deporting Illegal Aliens.   Obama knew he would be unwelcome in Arizona, as he was unwelcome in Texas.   Though invited, Governor Rick Perry of Texas chose not to meet Obama at the airport.   These border state Governors are on the front line so they are in no mood to listen to Obama's Immigration Proposals, that have little to do with securing the border and all to do with general Amnesty, which will result in giving American citizenship to millions of Illegal Aliens that have violated our laws.   

Illegal Aliens, that pay no income taxes are contributing to the bankruptcy of all border states and our country.   The cost to support Illegal Aliens related to public education, medical care and our criminal justice system is hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  The United States is broke.   Mr. President, we have a $14.3 Trillion National Debt.   Obama has contributed more to the National Debt than any President in American history.   We simply cannot afford to be Mexico's Welfare System.   The 38 families in Mexico that control all the wealth of Mexico need to pay their "fair share" to take care of the poor of Mexico.   Mexico's poor are not the responsibility of the American tax payer.  

We do need common sense Immigration Reform, which must start with securing the border before anything else is considered.   We were taken for a ride in 1986, during the Reagan Presidency, as millions of Illegal Aliens were given Amnesty in exchange for border security that never happened.  We are not going down that road again.   So, we can't allow Obama and the Socialists to play their usual game with Hispanics.   Instead, Republicans need to appeal to Hispanics, that are often hard working Conservative Roman Catholics with strong family values.   Hispanics are no different than other Americans who work hard and want a better life for themselves and their children.   Obama's Socialist Schemes are not in the interest of Hispanics, or any other Americans. 

As such, we need to sweep Socialists, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014 by electing common sense Conservatives committed to creating an opportunity society for all Americans, including Hispanics.   We need to finish the job we began in 2010.   We can do it.   We must do to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for our children and grandchildren.     

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