Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Veterans Affairs Scandal - Another Socialist Scheme

Socialist Senator Bernie Sonders of Vermont and RINO Senator John McCain of Arizona have teamed up to sponsor legislation to build 26 more federal government medical facilities run by the Veterans Affairs Department, no doubt at a cost of hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars.   Are they completely NUTS.   Many in management at the Veterans Affairs Department have been "cooking the books" reporting phony metrics concerning medical services to VETS that were never provided to earn bonuses that were undeserved.  Those bureaucrats should not only be FIRED, they should be prosecuted for fraud and stealing from the American Taxpayer and sent to jail.  So now, Socialist Sonders and RINO McCain want to double down buy building even more medical facilities run by the Veterans Affairs Department "to make things better".   This is insane. 

The Veterans Affairs Scandal is just one more example, of many, of big government failure.   The last thing we need to do is make the Veterans Affairs Department even bigger, adding to their annual budget, that has grown substantially during the Obama Presidency.  If anything, all Veterans Medical Facilities should be sold off and privatized.  VETS presumably fall under ObamaCare, which would allow them to either get highly subsidized medical insurance, or pay what they can afford to buy private medical insurance.  Even if the federal government picked up the entire tab for all medical care for poor VETS under the Medicaid Program as a Veterans Benefit, VETS would be far better off because they would not be confined to Veterans Affairs Department care.  They could go to any doctor, or hospital that takes Medicaid.

In any case, it makes no sense to build 26 more Veterans Affairs medical facilities at taxpayer expense.   There are only so many doctors to go around anyway.  Just building more government facilities will not solve the problem and only add to the chaos.   Instead, VETS should be free to seek medical care where ever and when ever they can get it in the private sector.  Big government is rarely the solution and is almost always the problem.   If we have not learned that lesson in this latest government fiasco at the Veterans Affairs Department, we have learned nothing.   Given our National Debt, with no end in sight, perhaps we have learned nothing. 

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