Friday, June 20, 2014

CFPB - More Federal Government Big Brother

It isn't bad enough that the National Security Agency is spying on all Americans, now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants in on the act.  The CFPB, created under the Dodd Frank law to "protect consumers" regulates the mortgage industry.  This agency and bureaucracy has already grown to more than 1,400 employees and has a half a billion dollar budget.  The CFPB recently spent $185 million tax payer dollars renovating a building the government does not even own.  Gosh that makes sense. 

In any case, the CFPB has created a National Data Base to store the Names, Social Security Numbers, IP Addresses, GPS Coordinates, phone numbers, addresses, religious faith, political affiliation, education, employment records and other personal data of mortgage holders.  This is a joint effort of the CFPB and the FHFA, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, that maintains the National Mortgage Database.  Presumably, mortgage companies will somehow have to gather this information as part of the mortgage process, which is unbelievable, as though getting a mortgage today is not hard enough. 

Naturally, various members of Congress are opposed to this process.  Hopefully, there will be bi-partisan opposition to this incredible invasion of privacy, not to mention a lawsuit to stop Big Brother in court.  These Obamanista Socialists continue to ignore the Constitution.  This is nothing new; but this invasion of privacy is outrageous.  All should rise up and just say NO when asked to provide this information to Big Brother.  

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