Saturday, June 14, 2014

IRS Dirty Tricks - Now The Cover Up

Like the Veterans Affairs Scandal, the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal is much bigger than originally thought.  We knew that Lois Lerner, the Director at the IRS, ordered subordinates to target Conservative and Religious groups deemed as "enemies" to Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his pals in Congress.  Of course, we still don't know who in the Obama Campaign told Lerner to take this action.   And, we may never know because the Cover Up has begun.   Suddenly, thousands of Lerner's email, requested by Congress, have just disappeared due to a hard drive crash.  These just happen to be the emails between Lerner and the White House, Department of Treasury, Department of Justice, the Federal Election Commission and the office of various high ranking Democrats.  Go figure.

Of course, this is all utter baloney because emails are always backed-up on servers and fairly easy to retrieve even if an individual hard drive crashes.   That is the whole point of periodic back up of computers.   It took the IRS a year to tell Congress that these emails just disappeared into thin air.  While the Justice Department is supposedly conducting an investigation, liar Attorney General Eric Holder assigned an Obama crony and campaign donor to lead the investigation.   What a surprise!!

And now, we have learned that the IRS shipped a million or more Americans tax records to the Holder FBI in 2010 presumably for investigation and scrutiny.   Supposedly, the FBI just looked at the table of contents and then returned the documents, since what the IRS did was a violation of the law.  It is pretty obvious that both the Justice Department and the IRS have been politicized by Obaministas to a degree not seen since the Nixon Administration.   In fact, Obama makes Nixon look like a choir boy.   

Oh what a tangled web these Obamanistas weave when the practice to lie, cheat, extort, steal, and bribe in order to advance their Socialist Schemes to continue feeding at the trough.  The IRS is now implementing the Cover Up in an attempt to run out the clock for the remainder of the Obama Presidency because all of their illegal actions no doubt lead to the White House, one way or another.  Many of these characters at the IRS and in the government who ordered these illegal actions, should not only be FIRED, they should go to jail.   But don't count on that happening as long as Obama is President and Holder is the Attorney General.  The rule of law doesn't matter to either Obama or Holder and unfortunately short of impeachment, which is not on the table, there isn't much the Congress, or the Courts will do about it.  Sadly, it is what it is.

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