Friday, June 6, 2014

Obama's Scheme To Close GITMO

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has foolishly wanted to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) since the day he was elected.   The problem is that Congress, on a bi-partisan basis, is opposed to closing GITMO and for very good reason.   The Terrorists held there are a serious threat to our National Security.  So once again, in violation of the law, in essence by Executive Order,  Obama has found a way to close down GITMO.  It this case, he traded Taliban Terrorists being held at GITMO for an American hostage.  That is exactly what apparently happened with deserter and perhaps traitor Sargent Bowe Bergdahl.   Now that Terrorist Groups around the world know that Obama is willing to do a 5 for 1 trade to free an American, we can expect to see more kidnappings around the world.

The fact that six soldiers died trying to find Bergdahl, who deserted his post and may have been a collaborator resulting in even more American deaths, is of no concern to Obama.  There are 100 or more Terrorists remaining at GITMO.  On that basis, we could see 20 more Americans kidnapped so that Obama can release all of them.  It is just plain crazy, not to mention dangerous.  Many of these Terrorists will end up on the battlefield killing more Americans.  Obama just does not get any of this and or he doesn't care.  Though Obama may be declaring the war over in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Northern Africa, the Middle East and other part of the world, unfortunately Islamic Radical Fundamentalists are not part of this deal.  They are still at war with us.

Specific to Sargent Bergdahl, the Obamanista story keeps changing daily.   It has gone from Obama could not comply with the law to inform Congress 30 days before any release because Bergdahl's health was failing.   We now know that was not true.   Then it became that the Terrorists threatened to kill Bergdahl if the terms of the deal became known.   We now know this isn't true.  What is true is that Bergdahl at a minimum is a deserter and that he may even be a traitor.  We also know that members of his platoon were required to sign a non-disclosure statement prohibiting them from discussing Bergdahl.  During the course of Berdahl's five years in captivity, his kidnappers offered to free him for ransom money, which Obama refused to do.  Further, there are now records that show that Bergdahl apparently became one of them and had some degree of freedom of movement.  He even escaped once to be recaptured.  Finally, Bergdahl converted to Islam and declared himself a Jihadi Taliban supporter.   This guy is a traitor. 

So given all these facts, why on earth did Pinocchio Obama free five high level Taliban Commanders, that no doubt will end up back in the battle field to kill Americans, to get Bergdahl free and back to the United States.  The answer is simple.  Obama is determined to close GITMO and since he cannot get it done with Congressional approval, he will get it done by Executive Order, even if it violates the law.  Surprise, Surprise.   This is just one more Obama Scandal.   January 20, 2017 can't come soon enough. 

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