Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Common Core - Headed To The Trash Heap Of History

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl, wisely issued an Executive Order to end the implementation of Common Core, the federalization of public education.  Of course, the liberal Education Estabishment in Louisiana is saying they will ignore his order.  Nevertheless, Jindahl has joined Indiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma that have already rejected Common Core.  Nebraska, Texas and Arkansas never accepted Common Core.  Nine more states are in the process of repealing Common Core for their states.  Parents, Teachers and state elected officials are finally seeing that the federalization of public education is bad for kids, teachers and their states.

Common Core is an attempt by Socialists, RINO's, the US Chamber of Commerce and some other high profile billionaires to create federal standards and testing for our public schools.  The problem with the concept is that the federal government has no business being involved at all because education should be a local and state issue.   Common Core is another big government Socialist Scheme aimed at implementing a propaganda laden, politically correct curriculum.  It has nothing to do with improving education.  This is about federal government overreach.  It is another Veterans Affairs Scandal waiting to happen. 

Anyone really interested in improving public education should support an end to Teacher Tenure so bad teachers can be fired.  We also need to end Teacher Union collective bargaining that is often at the expense of kids.  We need school vouchers in place for kids in failing public schools so that poor parents have the same option as rich parents, including the Obama's, that often send their kids to private schools to avoid inner city public schools.  We need merit pay for great teachers. Kids that are consistently disruptive should be sent to specials schools for them so that teachers do not need to spend 50% of their time dealing with discipline problems.  Most important, everyone who works in public education must be held accountable for results. 

Common Core does not address any of these critical issues.  If we don't deal with the issues described above, public schools in our inner cities in particular are destined to fail.   And, it is not about more money for public education.   We already spend more than any other industrialized nation on public education, in many places, only to achieve mediocre, or poor results.  So more money is not the answer.  Unless we face up the real problems in public education nothing will change. 

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