Monday, June 9, 2014

Hillary Clinton - Here She Goes Again

This Blogger believes the odds of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016 are about 50/50.   Naturally, the Clinton's like the big house, the jet and all the trappings that go with the job; who wouldn't; but the real question is does Hillary have the stomach to get there.  At 69 years old, Hilly may just prefer to make $100,000 a speech, serve on Boards and sleep in.  If she does decide to run, she will not have an easy time of it.  Despite the lame stream left wing media's adoration, all the old Scandals will come back to haunt.  Does Hillary really want to live through Monica Lewinsky again. 

But there is even worse.   Hillary Clinton achieved very little during her days in the White House, serving in the Senate, or as Secretary of State, unless of course just showing up qualifies someone to be President of the United States.  Of course, Pinocchio Obama was elected and he didn't even show up much, so I guess anything is possible.  However, Hilly has Benghazi hanging over her head.  When she screamed at a Senate Hearing, "what difference does it make anyway" concerning Obamanista Propaganda about the Terrorist attack, you can bet that clip will show up in a TV commercial.  Even more important, the commercial Hilly attempted to use against Obama in the 2008 Primary with the phone ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning will absolutely be used against Hilly because during Benghazi, nobody knows where Obama was, while our American Ambassador and three others were murdered.  Hillary Clinton was apparently at her posh Georgetown Home, rather than on the job in the White House Situation Room, where they both should have been to properly deal with this Terrorist Attack that was anything but spontaneous, as originally described by Obamanistas. 

In addition, there may be some shenanigans with the Clinton Foundation, headed by Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea, presumably to do good works in the world.   The United Nations designated Bill Clinton to coordinate aide to Haiti, after the devastating hurricane that destroyed the island, which has apparently been money down a rat hole.   In the process of Bubba jet setting around the world, the Clinton's have become multi-millionaires peddling influence.  No doubt, there is some muck to be raked in this story that will come to light if Hilly runs for President. 

Hillary Clinton is smart enough to know that she will be an easy target if she throws her hat in the ring.  At a minimum, this will not be a coronation.  Besides, there are many Americans who are just plain sick and tired of both the Clinton's and Bush's.   We need new ideas and new blood in office, not same old, same old.  Hillary Clinton should go off into the sunset and enjoy her private life.   Please Hilly, spare us the drama of a Clinton Presidency.   We just can't take it any more after 8 years of Drama Obama. 

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