Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iraq, Veterans Affairs, IRS Dirty Tricks, Immigration - Obama Golfing & Fundraising

Iraq is disintegrating, the Veterans Affairs Scandal is even bigger than first thought, IRS Dirty Tricks are even greater and our border with Mexico has collapsed, yet Socialist President Pinocchio Obama flew off to Palm Springs, California to play golf and raise funds.  This is the same thing Obama did the night our Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi as Obama turned up the next day in Las Vegas to raise campaign funds.  What is wrong with this incompetent President.  Our nation is facing serious problems on all fronts; but rather than stay in Washington DC and do his job, the President takes time for golf and fundraising. 

Iraq is falling apart.  Obamanistas knew this was coming for the last year, but did nothing to stop it from happening.  Now the Al Queda Terrorists are about 40 miles outside Baghdad and closing in on the capital of Iraq.  Iran has stepped into the void since we left no troops behind to support the Iraqi government.  Iran now has its Revolutionary Guard fighting in Iraq to support their Shite Allies and the Iraqi government.  Expect to see more Iranian troops move into Iraq, since Obama is not willing to send in even a small contingent of US soldiers, which if nothing else will be needed to protect our embassy in Iraq.  Obama is "studying" his options.  Rome burned while Nero fiddled. 

And, don't think this will not impact the American people.  Al Queda Terrorists are attempting to set up an Islamic Radical caliphate in the Middle East, in control of the oil fields, thanks to Obama's red line in the sand in Syria.   The cost of oil is already going up.   Aside from the threat to our National Security, the price of gasoline will sky rocket in the months and years ahead, which will be a disaster for the poor and middle class in the United States.

The Veterans Affairs Scandal is system wide.  Somebody at the Veterans Affairs Department gave the order to "cook the books' related to reporting information tied to bonuses that was just not true.  Several hundred bureaucrats at the VA had to be in on this fraud.  Finally, the Eric Holder Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation.  Many of these characters not only need to be FIRED, they need to go to jail; but don't count on it.

IRS Dirty Tricks are even greater than first thought.  In 2010, the IRS sent over the records of more than a million Americans to the FBI.  Supposedly, the FBI only looked at the table of contents and sent back the records.  Yah sure!   And, now the IRS claims that two years worth of Lois Lerner's emails, the IRS Director who ordered the targeting of Conservative and religious groups, just disappeared.  Congress has been asking for those emails for more than a year; but just now the IRS determined that they are gone.   First of all, emails don't just disappear.  They are backed up on servers and easily accessible.  The IRS is now also guilty of a cover up.   This is Nixon all over again.

Our border with Mexico has literally collapsed as thousands of illegal alien children, without adults, have come across the border.   The border patrol is warehousing these children at various military bases around the country.  Obama opened this door when he used an Executive Order to declare that children would not be deported.   We already have 400,000 children in the foster care system.  If Obama does not act, we are likely to see another 200,000 illegal alien children crossing our border in the next year.  Things are out of control. 

Yet Obama has time to fly to Palm Springs for golfing and fundraising.  About every few weeks, we learn of a new Obama Scandal.  Obama is not only a lame duck President, his Presidency is really over.  If that was all that was happening, who would care; but all of these things will negatively impact the American people.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when a new President hopefully with experience and common sense takes over. 

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