Wednesday, June 11, 2014

US Border With Mexico Has Collapsed

The United States has entered a new phase of the invasion by illegal aliens coming across our border with Mexico.  The word is out that parents in Latin America can just send their kids across the border and that our country will take care of them.  Thousands of children under the age of 18 are coming across our border, including very small children and just turning themselves in to the Border Patrol.  It is anticipated that by the end of the year, more than one hundred thousand children will enter our country illegally, without any parents.  The Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  These children are now being shipped to Arizona and other states. 

The US border with Mexico has essentially collapsed.  Obamanistas are now clueless what to do with these children.  Unless they have family in the United States, we are facing a humanitarian crisis, since these children are technically orphans.  Most important, they are coming into our country with the typical childhood diseases; but it is very possible that some of these children could have tuberculosis, or other serious diseases, common in Latin America, which are highly contagious.  So now what. 

This Blogger has said for years that we need to station the US Army on our border with Mexico to shut it down.  A nation that cannot control its borders will not remain a nation long.  Immigration Reform and Amnesty were obviously an issue in the recent primary election in Virginia that cost House Republican Majority Leader Eric Holder his seat.  It may very well have been that the pictures of these children, in holding camps, led to Holder's defeat, since he has been pushing for Immigration Reform, though that was certainly not the only issue that resulted in Holder's defeat.   Conservatives in that district mobilized to get rid of an Establishment Republican even though Eric Holder talks like a Conservative.  Holder's problem is that he is more than willing to cut deals with the Socialists that are causing the bankruptcy of the United States.  Conservatives in Holder's district had enough. 

In any case, Immigration Reform is now dead at least this year.  Watch Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Executive Orders.  Obama may very well attempt to give Amnesty to the 11 million Illegal Aliens already in the United States.  Obama could even just open the border further.  This is going to get really ugly.  In the mean time, these illegal alien orphan children are streaming into our company, with no end in sight.   This is another Obama Scandal.   

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