Monday, June 16, 2014

Teacher Tenure Ruled UnConstitutional

In California, no less, where teacher unions rule the state, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu ruled that Teacher Tenure is unconstitutional.   In a case brought by a Silicon Valley group called Students Matter, representing 9 students,  alleging that since Teacher Tenure makes it nearly impossible to FIRE poor teachers, that this practice was preventing millions of poor and minority kids, in particular, from getting a quality education.  Of course, since School Voucher are not an option in California, this is true and the Judge agreed in the case titled Vergara Versus California. 

Ironically, Judge Trea cited the landmark Brown Versus Board of Education case guaranteeing minority kids equal protection under the law, which stuck down "separate but equal" schools.   Even better, the judge could have just cited common sense.  Obviously, a poor or incompetent teacher cannot provide a quality education to any student.  Yet, there are thousands of poor and incompetent teachers all over the United States collecting a pay check and then later a great pension.  It has to stop if we are ever to improve public education. 

The real basis for improving public education is creating competition by allowing kids in failing public schools to get School Vouchers, ending Teacher Tenure so that poor teachers can be FIRED and paying merit pay to great teachers.   All of this would allow for more accountability for results, or the lack there of.   We also need to get back to basics in the curriculum and end the politically correct B--L S--T.   Students should either be college bound, if they have the grades and intellect, or given the requirement of vocational education to gain a marketable job skill in order to get a job after high school graduation.  In addition, kids who are discipline problems should be sent to special schools to deal with their issues, if they are consistently disruptive, to allow other kids to learn.   Doing all of these things, rather than Common Core, the federalization of our public schools, would improve public education.   Maintaining the status quo is a road to no where. 

The teacher unions will appeal this court ruling, striking down Teacher Tenure, for as long as it takes.  This will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court taking years.  In the mean time, thousands of poor teachers remain on the job hurting kids.  What a shame.   Socialists and their teacher union allies just don't care about kids.  If they did, they would come out against Teacher Tenure.  Not going to happen. 

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