Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens In Arizona

For some bizarre reason, yet unknown, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, through various federal government agencies, is dumping illegal aliens, captured in Texas and perhaps other states, into Arizona.  This includes a 1,000 or more unaccompanied children that have somehow made it across the border.  Naturally, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is on the war path with Obama.  Hopefully, the Attorney General of Arizona will go to court in an attempt to stop this invasion that will cost Arizona tax payers dearly.   Obama, who just traded five high level Taliban Terrorists for a deserter, who may also have been a traitor, simple refuses to do what is necessary to shut down our border with Mexico.

It should be no surprise.   Many Socialist Obamanistas do not even recognize our border.  Radical Chicanos, that support Socialists in office, see the border as a major inconvenience.  Many of them believe that border states should be part of Mexico, since those states were lost to Mexico in the Mexican American War.  Obviously, Mexico cannot take back those states by invasion, or war with the US, so the next best thing is an invasion by Mexican citizens to turn border states into a defacto part of Mexico.

Mexicans that come to the United States are hard working people trying to take care of the families; but in the process they are costing the taxpayers of many border states billions of dollars for public education, medical services and the criminal justice system.   We are broke.  We can no longer be Mexico's safety valve dealing with poverty in their country.  There are 38 families that control all wealth in Mexico denying prosperity to their people.  It has to stop.   It is time for Mexico to put free market policies in place to further create a middle class in Mexico to make illegal immigration unnecessary.   We must demand that Mexico take care of their own people.  The American people, including many immigrants that are in our country legally, can't do it anymore. 

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