Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary Clinton Claims She Is Not Rich Because She Pays Taxes

Hillary Clinton continues to suffer from foot in mouth disease during her national book tour and positioning to run for President in 2016.  Hilly claims she is not rich because she pays taxes.   Really.  Hillary Clinton also said they were dead broke when they left the White House, even though Bill Clinton got several million dollars in advance payments for his book.  The Clinton's are reported to be worth over $100 million.   Both Hilly and Billy have received millions in advance payments for their books.   Both reportedly earn $200,000 to give a one hour speech; more than the typical American will earn for four or five years of work. 

Hillary Clinton is trying to portray herself as part of the Middle Class as she makes the argument against income inequality.   This is laughable.  The reality is that the Clinton's have been part of the power elite, connected to Wall Street, for the past 40 years, flying in Air Force One, or private jets, never having to lift a finger to do anything; but collect their money.   They have used the tax code, just like other rich people, to make their daughter Chelsea a millionaire, as well.  And, the Clinton Foundation is in place to pay all of them compensation and benefits.  You can bet the Clinton's did not have to sign up for ObamaCare. 

There is nothing wrong or illegal about any of this; but somehow Republicans, like Mitt Romney and many others, who are rich are evil.  Socialists who are rich are hard working people who have earned their riches.   According to Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his pals in government, Republicans who are rich stole their money from the poor and Middle Class and they don't pay their "fair share".   The hypocrisy in all of this is laughable.   Both Republicans and Socialists in the power elite use their connections and positions to gain wealth.  It is what is it; so let's at least be honest about it. 

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