Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fixing Michigan and Detroit City

It turns out the just about the whole state of Michigan, with the second highest unemployment rate in the country, sits on the Antrim Natural Gas Shale fields.   How lucky.   Detroit City and the state of Michigan can once again flourish, if and only if, the environmental wackos are brought under control.  While Michigan was a power house during the industrial age and Detroit was Motor City, those days are long gone.   However, Michigan and Detroit can be reborn and flourish again and it will create thousands of new jobs provided that a whole new approach is implemented. 

Detroit City was a slum in 1968 when this Blogger was there.   It was still a slum in the 80's when this Blogger went back to Detroit on business.   Detroit is much worse today.  Detroit City has no future without radical change.   And here is the plan.    Developers should be encouraged to build a limited number of four story apartment and condo buildings, with plenty of green space, at different price points to house lower, middle and upper class residents, nearest the nicest suburbs surrounding Detroit.   Other four story apartment and condo buildings should be built in the suburbs to disperse city residents into better areas, presumably with better public schools.   We have got to get these people out of these filthy slums.  The reason for this building is that the city should use eminent domain to take down the slums of Detroit.   Most homes in the city are very old and run down.   As it turns out, these old homes on that land are not the highest and best use of Detroit City land.

Instead, and this may sound ridiculous; but I have seen the plan to make this happen, several thousand acres of Detroit City land, just across from these new apartment and condo buildings mentioned above, can be turned into apple orchards to create a tourist attraction kind of like Napa Valley in California, only in this case rather than focus on grapes, the focus would be on everything apple.    And, this land would create a green buffer zone from the shale gas fields that would also be developed to extract natural gas from Detroit City land.  All of a sudden Detroit City could go from being one of the poorest cities in the United States to one of the richest.   This really is a win win for all concerned.  But sadly it will not happen as long as Socialists control Detroit because politicians in Detroit live off the misery of the poor.    

In addition, other parts of Michigan and the Mid West can be developed to extract natural gas from these shale fields.   The environmental wackos are fighting this process even though it would create thousands of new jobs and it can be done safely.  Clearly, we need a 50 year energy plan to make the United States energy independent and to restore economic growth and jobs again in America.  Jobs in the energy sector pay well and cannot be outsourced to China, or any other country.   Development of a 50 year energy plan is critical to our nation's growth and development and it must include development of oil and gas shale, natural gas, more oil drilling, clean coal, nuclear energy and renewables like solar, wind and bio fuels.   We can't get there any other way.  

So, we can either let Michigan and Detroit City and other parts of the country die a painful death, which is what is happening, or we can push the Socialists and environmental wackos aside by sweeping them out of office in 2012 and 2014 to get our country moving again.   The plan I suggested for Detroit City would be revolutionary and it could all be financed by the private sector, not big government.  Gosh there is a novel idea.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.  Business as usual is not working.   Obama's Socialist Schemes are not working.   It is time for change and new ideas.     

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