Sunday, October 23, 2011

Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan - Time For New Thinking

Socialist President Obama failed to negotiate a treaty with Iraq to keep American forces there as a bulwark again Iran.  Apparently, Obama never took International Relations 325, where this Blogger learned the definition of a Vital Interest.   A Vital Interest is so important to a nation, that any country would risk blood and treasure to defend it.  For better or worse, what happens in Iraq is a Vital Interest to the United States because it sits in the center of the Middle East, where much of our oil comes from.   And, since Obama is purposefully preventing the United States from becoming Energy independent, unfortunately, we still must be concerned about anything that happens in the Middle East.  With the pull out of American troops, there is now a vacuum in Iraq, which will be filled by Iran.   Both countries are ruled by Shite governments and they will forge an alliance, for sure.   

This will threaten Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, just next door, both ruled by Sunni Muslims.   The Iranians recently supported a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador on American soil.  Since Iran will shortly be a nuclear power, unless we do something tangible to stop it, Saudi Arabia will need to develop nuclear weapons to counter their long time, traditional enemy, Iran.   Ironically, whether overtly or covertly, Israel and Saudi Arabia will end up cooperating to stop Iranian hegemony in the Middle East.   In the mean time, the United States must now supply Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries with whatever military equipment they request to maintain the balance of power in the Middle East.   In particular, we must contain Iran with a missile defense system that should have included missile defense in Eastern Europe, which naive President Obama eliminated to please the Russians without getting anything in return.   How dumb!!  International Relations is not bean bags in the school yard. 

Next, Afghan President Karzai, that crook in charge of Afghanistan, recently said that in a war between the United States and Pakistan, Afghanistan would side with Pakistan.   While we have a vital interest in Iraq and should have kept American troops there, ultimately, we have no vital interest in Afghanistan.   Yes, we do need to keep Terrorists under control in Afghanistan; but that can be done with drone, or cruise missile bombing.   Osama Bin Laden is dead along with many of his cohorts.   It is time to declare victory in Afghanistan and bring our troops home sooner than later.   Once done, the odds are pretty good that Karzai will suffer the same fate as Libyan dictator Qaddafi at the hands of the Taliban.   So be it.  Sadly, Afghanistan is destined to be an impoverished country ruled by Islamic fanatics and tyrants.   Provided they don't support Terrorism or Terrorists, it is none of our business.  If they do go back to supporting Terrorists, bombing is preferable to troops on the ground. 

Finally, Pakistan is not an ally of the United States.  There is pretty good evidence that they sheltered Osama Bin Laden for years.  They also allow the Taliban to have free reign in their country.   We must stop providing Pakistan the billions of tax payer dollars we give them each year, much of which is gong to their military, or into the Swiss bank accounts of their corrupt government officials.   Instead, Pakistan must be contained by a US alliance with India and other surrounding countries.  At some point, if Pakistan is taken over by Islamic fanatics, which is a real possibility, and we cannot negotiate a solution to non proliferation, that could mean that we will need to destroy their nuclear capability because we cannot allow that nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of Terrorists that would detonate a bomb in Washington DC, or New York City.

President Nixon used to say that the rest of the world needs to think that the President of the United States is just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the button will never have to be pushed.   Socialist President Obama is just not strong enough to be credible in foreign affairs.   The fact that the Iranians would dare plan a Terrorist plot on American soil is proof of Obama's weakness.   At a minimum, we should have responded with some sort of bombing of Iranian military installations in response.   To do nothing; but talk will only embolden the Iranians so that ultimately, we will have to take even greater military action in the future.   History is our teacher.  Appeasement only leads to disaster. 

We live in a dangerous world.  We need to elect a President who understands the concepts taught in International Relations 325.   That is clearly not Barack Obama.  Machiavelli posed the eternal question, in his book, The Prince, "is it better for the Prince to be loved or feared".   Obama needs to be loved, which is dangerous to our national security.   This Blogger would add that it is imperative to our national security that our American President be both feared and respected.   It is very clear that Socialist President Obama is neither feared, nor respected by tyrants and dictators around the world that continue to thumb their noses at Obama and the United States.   That is very dangerous.   President Ronald Reagan advocated "Peace Through Strength", which must always be our position in the world.        

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