Wednesday, October 12, 2011

War With Iran Is Inevitable

The Mullahs of Iran declared war on the United States during the Carter Presidency when they kidnapped and held American embassy staff members hostage for over a year.  Since then, Iran has been the biggest sponsor of state Terrorism in the world including involvement with the murder of more than 200 American soldiers in Lebonon during the Reagan Presidency.  American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have died as a result of Iranian intervention in those wars.   Iran sponsors Hezbollah and Hamas that continue to attack Israel, our Ally.  And now, the latest plot sponsored by the Iranian government to blow up the Saudi and Israeli Embassies in Washington and murder the Saudi Ambassador on our soil should be the last straw.  

Iran is our enemy and we should act accordingly.  We are not just in a Cold War, we are in a Hot War with Iran.  The time for talk is over.   Iran, our enemy, seeks to establish Persian hegemony over the entire Middle East.   Given our vital interests in that region of the world, we cannot allow that to happen.   The time to act is now. 

Socialist President Obama, when he went on his apology tour to the Middle East when he was first elected to extend his hand has bought us nothing but disdain from dictators around the world.   They obviously do not fear Obama, which is a real problem.  Obama does not understand that these Islamic fanatics only understand power and strength.   At this point, we should use cruise missiles to destroy Iranian military capability in response to this latest Iranian scheme.   We must respond to teach Iran, or any other nation that plots to murder Americans, or others on our soil, a lesson.   Only force will get the message across to these fanatics.  

And, the day is fast coming when will have to use military action to destroy any hope Iran may have of developing nuclear arms.   We simply cannot allow these Iranian fanatics to have nuclear arms.   Negotiations has achieved absolutely nothing.   It is bad enough that Pakistan has nuclear weapons.   The Iranians in power would use those nuclear weapons on our country, or our Allies in a Terrorist attack.   We can't let that happen. 

The last thing we need is another war; but since Iran has declared war on our nation, war with Iran is inevitable.   We don't need to land troops in Iran to destroy their military capability and the current  government in power.   We need to use Shock and Awe to get the job done and then support dissidents in Iran who want to bring democracy to their country.   We need to help along the Arab, or in this case Persian winter in Iran.   It would be good if our Allies were with us to get the job done; but if not, so be it.  We can't tolerate the possibility of a nuclear detonation in one of our major cities, or in Tel Aviv, Paris or London.   This is now a matter of life and death.

Does President Obama has the guts to do what is necessary to Iran?   I guess we are going to find out.   Most important, we must send a message to all nations that would either attack the United States, or our Allies, or support Terrorism that would lead to the death of our citizens.   Never Again!!   The lessons of history tell us that appeasement only leads to catastrophe.

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