Sunday, October 30, 2011

Arab Spring - Now The Arab Winter

Today this Blogger witnessed a protest march.   No, it was not the Mobs in our streets demanding more welfare and bail outs.    Instead, this was a really important protest march.   It was a group of Christians protesting the murder of Coptic Christians by Moslem's in Egypt.   We had the Arab Spring that deposed dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.   So now we will have the Arab Winter that brings into power Islamic Fundamentalists seeking to impose intolerant Sharia law on their countries.  

It is important to realize that freedom of religion is against the law in many Arab countries and Iran.  Conversion to Christianity, or any other religion, is illegal and could be punishable by death in these countries.  Ironically, when Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Iraq were run by ruthless dictators, there was a degree of religious freedom and freedom for women and other minority groups.   With elections in these countries, it is very likely that Islamic Fundamentalists will either gain outright control, or significant influence on government.   When that happens any degree of freedom of religion will disappear.  In addition, women will become second class citizens.   Women are not permitted to drive in many Arab countries and face restrictions in the law and in employment. 

So where is Socialist President Obama on all of this.   Rather than strongly protesting the murder of Christians in Egypt and demanding that it stop,  Obama is silent.   If Islamic Fundamentalists, known at the Muslim Brotherhood gain control of Egypt, the peace with Israel that has been in place for years will fall apart.   Obama supported the Arab Spring.   Now what is Obama going to do about the Arab Winter. 

President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus on numerous occasions in an effort to support Palestinians.   Now that Israel may end up surrounded by Arab countries run by hostile Islamic Fundamentalists, committed to the destruction of Israel, Obama must make it very clear that the United States stands with Israel.   And further, if there is repression and murder in these Arab countries, particularly against Christians and other minority groups, that there will be no support from the United States for their governments.   In fact, we should impose sanctions.  We should also make political asylum available to persecuted Christians and others in these countries to get them out of harm's way.   We can't stand by an watch another holocaust. 

Based on what we see happening in the Middle East, the Arab Spring is likely to turn into the Arab Winter.   We need a President who understands International Relations 325 and the concept of American Vital Interests.  Unfortunately, President Obama is a man in an empty suit with no experience to be President.   Ronald Reagan's adage, "peace through strength" should always be our positioning not "leading from behind" Obama's positioning.  

For better or worse, until the United States achieves energy independence, which will not happen as long as Obama is in office, the Middle East is a Vital Interest of the United States.   As a result, we have to care about what happens in the Middle East.   The murder, or persecution of Christians and or other minority groups in these Arab countries must be condemned with concrete actions.   Instead, Obama is missing in action. 

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