Sunday, October 2, 2011

African Americans Are Brainwashed

African American Republican candidate for the Presidency, Herman Cain recently stated that African Americans are "brainwashed" by Socialists and presumably by Black political leaders to vote for Socialists.   Since Socialist President Obama got more than 90% of the Black vote in 2008 and Blacks usually vote for Socialists at levels of 80% or higher, it is not unreasonable to assume that they have been brainwashed.  Let's look at the facts.   What have the Socialists really done for African Americans except make many of them entirely dependent on government as a means of buying their votes.

Socialists oppose all attempts at providing lower income Americans with School Vouchers so that they too can escape failing public schools by sending their kids to private schools, just like most member of Congress and President and Michelle Obama.   These poor kids are held hostage in filthy, gang infested public schools to benefit teacher union members.   What other possible explanation could there be.  

Traditionally, even in good times, African American unemployment is usually double the National Unemployment rate and 3 or 4 times the rate for young people.   While many Blacks choose to believe this is because of discrimination.   The truth is that this occurs because the high school drop out rate in the inner city is very high and many minority kids leave public schools with poor reading and writing skills and no marketable job skills.  Hip Hop only leads to wealth for those that make the records; not those who buy them with Welfare money.  And, only so many ghetto kids become sports stars.  The data suggest that public schools actually do more harm to minority kids than good.  

After spending trillions of dollars since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, the poverty rate among African Americans is as high as it ever was.   And, poverty in America has actually increased under Socialist President Obama.   The poverty rate was lower when George W Bush was President.   Welfare has destroyed the Black family as today 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock.   That was not true before World War II when most Black families were in tact; though no doubt suffering from discrimination and in many cases poverty.  Today, many of these single, poorly educated Moms end up on Welfare and Food Stamps because there is no other alternative for them.   They become wards of the state perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty and dependency.   

When that fateful question is asked next year during a Presidential debate as surely will occur, "are you better off today than you were four years ago", before Obama was elected President, most African Americans would have to answer a resounding NO; yet they will still vote for him like programmed robots.   The problem is that we can go back even further.   While a good percentage of Blacks have made it into the middle class, the percentages are lower than for other minorities, particularly Hispanic or Asians.  Socialism has done little to really help Blacks advance in our society unless of course some believe it is good to be dependent on government;  yet they still vote for Socialists.   It just makes no sense. 

So why do Blacks almost always vote for Socialists.   The answer is simple.   Their leaders, some of whom are poverty pimps living and even getting rich off the misery of the poor, have convinced them that they will always be "victims" of discrimination and slavery.   And, while Republicans push for an opportunity society, Socialists insist on an entitlement society with big intrusive government in control of daily life.   There is really no logical reason to vote for a Socialist unless you are on the dole one way or another feeding at the trough.  And by the way, this includes American companies benefiting from crony capitalism, not just poor people on Welfare and Food Stamps.  

So, sadly many African Americans that cling to this "victim" mentality, as the excuse for their poverty, will always vote for Socialists to take care of them.   In a sense, these people have been brainwashed into believing that all their problems are caused by others; the "rich", the Chinese, White People etc etc, rather than taking responsibility for their own actions, or the lack thereof.  Herman Cain, like many others of all races rose from poverty by refusing to accept that they were victims.  

While discrimination still exists in our country, the fact is that anyone can live the American dream through hard work,self sacrifice and education.   After all, let's not forget that the majority of Americans elected a well educated, smart, Black President.  Obama is failing not because he is Black; but because he is a Socialist ideologue.  And now, the majority of Americans no longer support Obama again not because he is Black; but because he has failed miserably to restore economic growth or create jobs again in our country.  Yes, it is tougher to achieve the American dream if you come from a poor family; but it is the American story for people of all races.             

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