Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Senator Harry Reid - Both Feet In His Mouth Again

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader suffers from a disconnect between his mouth and his brain. This week Senator Reid claimed that unemployed men are more likely to commit domestic violence. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support this assertion and as a matter of fact, there are studies that show that women are just as likely to hit their husbands over the head with a frying pan as for a man to commit violence against his wife. But you know Harry, there he goes again.

Since Nevada has the second highest official unemployment rate in the nation at about 13%, with an effective rate of 18% or higher when all are counted, I would think that Senator Reid, who has an approval rating around 30% in Nevada would be a little more careful when referring to the unemployed, who no doubt will go to the polls next November to violently boot him out of office. What a dope!!

But, this isn't the first time Senator Reid has had both his feet in his mouth. Senator Harry Reid claimed a few years ago that "the war was lost in Iraq". To the contrary, though the story is far from over, Iraq now actually has a democracy of sorts, one of the few in the Middle East other than Israel. Senator Harry Reid once said of President Obama that he would presumably be acceptable because he was "light skinned" meaning not very Black and Obama did not speak with a "Negro Dialect". Reid apologized for this statement when it came out; but can you even imagine if a Republican had made this statement. The left wing media would have demanded his resignation; but somehow Senator Reid got a pass. Actually, that particular Reid racist, verbal blunder was just plain dumb and reflective of another era that is totally unacceptible and out of step with the America of today.

And, then Senator Harry Reid referred to those in the Tea Party movement as "evil mongers", which I guess is a little better than Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling us "Astro Turf ". Senator Harry Reid is running for reelection to his sixth term in the United States Senate. Reid should instead be the poster child for TERM LIMITS. The fact is we need citizen politicians, not corrupt career politicians that are completely out of touch with the American people and in this case the people of Nevada.

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid proves that we must take back our country in 2010 and 2012. Reid is threatening to ignore the will of the American people and ram through Obama's HealthScare Plan using Reconciliation rather than normal voting procedures in the US Senate. Senator Harry Reid is symbolic of everything wrong in Washington DC. We must instead elect common sense Conservatives who support adherence to the US Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers, limited government, a balanced budget, term limits, a strong national defense, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values. We can do it. We must do it.

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