Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Taking Credit For Iraq - Ridiculous

The Obama Administration is taking credit for success in Iraq. Vice President Joe Biden is claiming it may be one of the "great" accomplishments of the Obama Presidency. This is both laughable and completely ridiculous. Both Obama and Biden, when they served in the Senate, were opposed to the Surge of troops ordered by President Bush that resulted in the success we see today. If not for that "success", it would be impossible to bring most of our troops home. Biden even advocated dividing Iraq into three countries. Democrat Socialist Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid declared the "war is lost" a few years ago. These Democrat Socialist politicians must be on medical marijuana because they are clearly all delusional.

The fact is that it was Senator John McCain that pushed for the Surge long before it was ordered by President Bush. McCain visited Iraq and met with the Generals and Iraqi's to determine the right strategy. Bush finally agreed and sent the troops in. The point is that ultimately President George Bush made the right decision needed to get the job done in spite of uniform Democrat Socialist opposition. However, let's face it, we may not know the end of the story in Iraq for years. So before any President declares "mission accomplished" or attempts to take credit for success in Iraq, we better wait to see what happens in the next five or ten years. It would be nice though for President Obama to finally say that President Bush did something right instead of trying to take credit for the former President's good decisions that worked, including stabilizing the financial system, and then blaming Bush for every problem known to man.

President Obama has a real problem with accepting personal responsibility for his actions. For Obama, the buck seems to stop every where else; but his desk. The SwindleUS Plan was a complete failure, which is the reason we still have high unemployment. If the economy recovers at all, it will be because of the FED's cheap money policy, which is monetary policy, not Obama's fiscal policy. In fact, the economy would have come back long ago if not for Obama's fiscal policy. Obama has over reached specific to his HealthScare Plan and thus far it has resulted in complete failure and protests in the streets. Obama's left wing foreign policy has created a more dangerous world as Iran is nearer than ever to the development of nuclear weapons; another Obama failure. Rather than taking credit for Bush's successes, when is Obama going to admit his own failures?

It doesn't matter, we all know that the President Obama is Jimmy Carter II, which is the reason we must make Obama a one term President in 2012. Those of us old enough to have lived through the Jimmy Carter years remember well those miserable four years. It wasn't morning in America again until Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. We must take back the Congress in 2010 by electing common sense Conservatives to effectively end the Obama Presidency even sooner. We can do it. We must do it.

P.S. Biden also said that people who are opposed to the Obama Administration's Socialist Schemes are just a small group. Where was Biden when Republicans won in Virginia, New Jersey and especially Massachusetts? Ironically, it may very well be that Republicans will win both Obama and Biden's old Senate seats in Illinois and Delaware next November. Maybe then both Obama and Biden will get the message. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE MAD AS HELL AND A TIDAL WAVE IS COMING.

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