Saturday, February 13, 2010

Michelle Obama - The First Lady Of Fat

Nancy Reagan Just Said No to drugs when she was First Lady. Barbara Bush took on literacy as her mission as First Lady. Hillary Clinton focused on Heath Care, which turned into a fiasco; sound familiar. Laura Bush again turned to literacy and woman's rights overseas as First Lady. Now Michelle Obama has decided that her mission as First Lady will be obesity. In fact, to demonstrate her concern, she has even called out the Obama's young daughters by telling us that they have more body fat than is healthy. I can see it now. The Mommie Dearest book written by the Obama girls because their mother Michelle has publically called them FAT. What is the matter with this woman? Imagine the embarrassment for these young girls who are at an age when teasing can be fierce even for the First Children. And, what is the point? Obama's children look just fine at least on TV. Maybe they are not model skinny; but then who is? To be honest, it is Michelle that looks a little wide on TV; but in fairness the new wide screen TV's make everyone look wider so maybe Michelle is just fine too.

Most important, under Michelle Obama's direction, we will now have the obesity police in government lecturing the majority of Americans, that are over weight, that we are too FAT as though that is not evident to each of us. The question is how will this turn into punative legislation. There are Democrat Socialists that want to tax junk food, fast food, foods with sugar including cereals, foods with FAT etc. etc. Remember, Democrat Socialists will use any excuse to levy a new tax and gain greater control over our lives. They just eat it up, pun intended.

Here are the facts. When I was at univesity, I ate fast food every day; but just once a day. Ok, Ok, it wasn't very healthy; but it worked for me. I was never thinner at 135 pounds soaking wet, however, I got lots of exercise in my part time job. The point it that it wasn't the fast food that was the problem at all. It was caloric intake, or the lack there of and exercise that helped me maintain my 27 inch boyish waist. And, no I was not on drugs at the time.

Obesity in the United States is the result of many factors that include age, genetics, affluence that allows us to buy and eat lots and lots of food and desk jobs rather than farm or factory work that used to provide daily exercise. And then there are the conveniences like dish washers, clothes dryers, TV remote controls and a phone in every room, or cell phones that do not even require us to leave an arm chair. Many people on welfare that are FAT too as a result of food stamps and the foods they choose to buy and eat and their lack of physical activity. So this is not necessarily a rich/poor thing.

No one is saying that obesity is good. Certainly, it would be better if the majority of people in the United States that are FAT lose weight, me included because it will probably result in longer life. My concern is where the federal government may be going with all of this. We don't need Mother Michelle telling us that obesity is bad. We know that as evidenced by the fact that at any given time half the people in the United States are on one fad diet or another. In fact, there is a multi-billion dollar, huge diet industry in the United States when the only diet that matters is the one that involves eating less food and exercising more often to burn calories. Gosh, I should write a book about my diet plan.

The Obama's are Democrat Socialists that seek to control our lives. They want to govern the foods we eat, the energy we use and the lessons we teach our children etc. etc. Michelle Obama's focus on obesity is just one more attempt to extend the power of the federal government. It will be the basis for new taxes; just wait and see. We must take back our country in 2010 and 2012 by electing commons sense Conservatives. It is none of Michelle Obama's business concerning what we eat. Maybe Michelle should focus on literacy because there are many people in the United States that cannot read food labels; but that is another posting. Michelle needs to worry about what she eats so that by the time she is sixty year old, Michelle doesn't look even wider on TV.

At a time when President Obama is bankrupting our country with Trillions of dollars in deficit spending, it is clear that we must focus on a higher priority than obesity as a national focus for Michelle Obama like maybe helping people who don't have jobs. Of course, I suppose when Obama raises taxes on all Americans, we will have less money to spend on food so maybe that is part of Michelle's plan. Mrs. Obama, in case you have not heard, there are millions of Americans out of work; about 17% of the adult population. The least of their worries is obesity. In fact, the unemployed are no doubt concerned about how they are going to feed their families not so much what they are going to feed their families. It is very clear that the Obama's are out of touch with the American people. We have to take back our country by making Obama a one term President in 2012 and taking back the Congress in 2010 to effectively end the Obama Presidency even sooner. We can do it. We must do it.

P.S. Mrs. Obama, FAT people vote so I would be careful about offending half the country. On the other hand, go ahead, tell them every day that they are FAT, FAT, FAT. I am sure that it will help the President's poll ratings.

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