Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Government - The Balloon Has Finally Burst

During the last 100 years various Presidents, Congresses and the Courts of both political parties have expanded the role of the federal government in our lives way beyond anything the Founding Fathers could ever have imagined. Remember, one of the final straws for the American colonists was a tax on tea; though it was symbolic of a bigger issue, which was taxation without representation. Today, we have government intrusion in our lives from birth to marriage to death and everything in between. It just never stops. WE HAVE HAD IT!

Let's start with Home Owner Associations, prevalent in many areas of the country, which are quasi-governmental entities that functoin in place of local government as a means of extracting more tax in the form of HOA dues to deal with things like private streets, parks and other common areas. As someone who has served on an HOA Board in a community with 3,500 homes, I can say from experience that HOA Boards are in place to enforce the rules for the "common good". Most of the time, what is done makes sense; however, there is an HOA industry in the form of property management companies and attorneys who specialize in the management of HOA's whose livelihood is often tied to legal strife. There have been numerous publicized examples of HOA enforcement practices that are often ridiculous. Many of us have our HOA Board looking over our shoulders related to the appearance of our property and what we can or cannot do on our property. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to see cars parked on the front lawn; but HOA's are just one more entity in the over lay of bureacracy that we deal with every day.

Then there is city, county and state governments that levy income, sales, property and a variety of other taxes and user fees that never seem to end. These are the bureacrats that require all the permits and licenses for virtually everything we do; birth certificates, driving licenses, marriage licenses, car licenses, fishing licenses, gun permits, building permits etc. etc. Our son even had to get a boat license in California for an eight foot, inflatable rubber dingy. And of course for any company that does business in multiple state and local jurisidictions, we have to deal with state and local laws applicable to our businesses and file tax returns where ever we have generated income.

Finally, there is the beast of all beasts, the US federal government that has grown far beyond any limitations in the US Constitution. This has happened by Congressional action, Executive Order and Court Rulings that "interpret" the Constitution. This is the reason why Democrat Socialists will always demand that nominees for judicial positions state emphatically that they will adher to precedents and case law that has allowed the expansion of federal authority in the last 100 years. It is these precedents that have allowed for the expansion of government because the words are just not there in the Constitution to allow for all the federal powers that have limited our freedoms. And, the federal government is the entity that confiscates aggregious personal and corporate income and estate taxes so they can spend and spend and spend our hard earned money on pork barrel projects.

President Obama is the culmination of this process. Obama is a Democrat Socialist who see government as the solution rather than the problem. Obama supports tax and spend to grow the government as a pay back to his public employee union supporters to the point of bankrupting our country. As such, President Obama is the poster child for the last 100 years. While we have had creep for years eroding our freedoms, Obama is so blatant in his efforts specific to HealthScare, CAP & TAX, higher taxes and more regulations that he is the reason that the balloon has finally burst and the American people are in open revolt.

We The People have had it, which is the reason for the Tea Party Movement and all the protests in the streets. We will no longer allow the erosion of our freedoms and further, we intend to take back the power that we delegated to the federal government. Government that governs least, governs best. Government is almost always the problem, not the solution. In other words, we are saying loud and clear HELL NO to Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress. Their vision for America is not our vision. We don't want federal or state government intrusion in every aspect of our lives. We want the government confined to very narrow purposes like national defense; a national currency, foreign policy, building of infrastructure; in other words the things we cannot do for ourselves.

We must elect Conservatives in 2010 and 2012 to take back our country and restore it to the original vision of our Founding Fathers. In doing so, we will reject President Obama's goal to "tranform" our nation into a Socialist country. We must take back the Congress in 2010 and make Obama a one term President in 2012. We can do it. We must do it.

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