Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama & Environomental Protection Agency Sued

The Democrat Socialist controlled House of Representatives led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed Obama's CAP & TAX bill; but for now anyway it is dead on arrival because the US Senate has not passed a similar law presumably for the President to sign. And, now with the election of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, the 41st Republican vote, it is likely that CAP & TAX is dead, sort of. Dictator Chairman Democrat Socialist Obama has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to get around the Congress and implement CAP & TAX by Executive Order.

The EPA has announced that it will use the Clean Air Act as its basis to regulate green house gases produced by industry, energy use, our cars, etc. The EPA plans to collect fees from businesses that emit green house gases; but that will just be the start if this Executive Order is allowed to stand. When this was originally proposed by the Obama Administration, the National Freedom Forum predicted lawsuits to stop it and here they come.

Thankfully, there were 16 court challenges recently filed by industry groups, conservative think tanks, 13 Members of the US House of Representatives; three states, Texas, Virginia and Alabama and the US Chamber of Commerce challenging the EPA's decision to trigger the Clean Air Act as an enforcement mechanism to punish industry through punitive fees without a specific act of Congress. This amounts to the Environmental Protection Agency acting as the GESTAPO, or secret police going after American business with high fees, which are nothing more than taxes imposed without supporting legislation. And, who do you think will pay these confiscatory, punitive taxes? None other than the consumer, all of us because companies will just pass on their cost of doing business. Well dah!

President Obama is an anti-business, big government, Socialist who wants to raise taxes at every turn. Global warming, a theory based on faulty science, is just one more tactic by these Socialists to exert more control over our lives and to take more of our hard earned money from us in higher taxes, or various fees. Let there be no doubt, this is one of Obama's malevolent Schemes to grow the government, tax us to death and even after death and limit our freedoms.

In the mean time, it was just announced that the drought is officially over in the United States. Plentiful snow and rain has provided sufficient precipitation so that we now have plenty of water in nearly all regions of the country. So, apparently, the global cooling that has actually been happening for the last 15 years is a good thing not a bad thing. Obama has announced new loan guarantees to support nuclear development to help the US become more energy independent. That is a good thing except it is almost impossible to get a new nuclear plant approved because of all the environmental wackos that fight all sound energy initiatives in favor of those that are not yet feasible. So not much will happen for years related to nuclear energy if at all. This is another Obama Scheme and sham.

We have to take back our country. This recent action by the Environmental Protection Agency is just one more example of Obama's Socialist Schemes and another big government power grab. We have to stop these Socialists from destroying our economy and bankrupting our country. We must elect common sense Conservatives in 2010 and 2012 that support a balanced budget, lower taxes, term limits, limited government, a strong national defense, free market capitalism, the sanctity of life and family values. We can do it. We must do it.

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