Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Nevada Job Killer

The state of Nevada has the highest unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates in the country; yet Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader and Senior Senator from Nevada is at it again killing jobs in Nevada.   In this latest episode, Lyon County and rural city of Yerrington officials have requested that the federal government permit them to acquire 10,000 acres of Federal Bureau of Land Management land to allow for expansion of a copper mine.

To get this done, Nevada Republican Congressman Mark Amodei and Senator Dean Heller, both running for reelection, have co-sponsored a bill introduced in both the House and the Senate.   If allowed to acquire this land, this project expansion will create 700 - 800 badly needed, high paying jobs in Lyon County, which has the highest unemployment in the state of Nevada.  This should be a no brainer, right?   Not so fast.  

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is demanding that some portion of this land be made into a Nature Preserve, under pressure by his Environmental Radical Supporters, before he will allow this bill to come up for a vote in the Senate.   Remember, this is the same US Senate, run by Harry Reid, that has not enacted a Budget for the United States in more than 3 years, even though it is required by our Constitution. 

Now this would all be funny if it was not so tragic.   The federal government owns 86% of the state of Nevada, the highest percentage of any state in the union.   In essence, nearly the whole state of Nevada is already a Nature Preserve owned by the federal government.    Nevada needs jobs desperately; yet Dirty Harry is stopping this project from happening.   But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.   Yucca Mountain, which was supposed to be the nation's nuclear waste repository, that cost $13 Billion paid for by taxpayers and utility rate payers to build, sits empty because Dirty Harry will not allow it to go forward. 

Opening Yucca, not as a nuclear waste storage facility, an old paradigm, but rather as a nuclear waste reprocessing plant would bring thousands of high paying jobs to Nevada and billions of dollars of badly needed tax revenues to the state.   Yet, Dirty Harry says NO.   Dirty Harry Reid controls what goes on in Nevada, like a crooked mafia boss.  Harry Reid threatens Nevada companies to play ball, or face retribution.  Dirty Harry tell local politicians, of both parties, that they either tow the line, or face losing federal funds for local projects.   This is why even the Republican Mayors of Reno and Sparks, the two largest cities in Northern Nevada, supported Harry Reid's reelection in 2010. 

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is a Chicago style, sleazy political boss in bed with big unions and crony capitalists.   Reid has become a millionaire as a result of his family lobbying connections and crooked real estate deals in Nevada and everyone knows it.  Harry Reid has demanded that Mitt Romney release more than 2 years of tax returns, accusing Romney of failing to pay taxes, when there is no proof of his accusation.  Harry Reid has never released any of his tax returns because if he did so, we would clearly see his crooked deals.  Nevada is suffering as a result of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi economic policies and failures.   Once again, Dirty Harry is screwing the people of Nevada.  So what's new.  

We have to make Obama a one term President by electing Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States and gaining Republican control of both Houses of Congress.   We have to take back the Senate to get rid of Dirty Harry Reid as majority leader to get our country and the state of Nevada back on track.    We must elect Common Sense Conservatives to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.   It will not happen any other way. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping these Socialists out of office.  We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We have to end the Obama/Reid/Pelosi corrupt reign of terror to end the misery, poverty and lower standard of living these characters have created in our country.   The clock in ticking.   Get out your check books to support Conservatives. 

P.S.  To donate to Mitt Romney's campaign, just go to and click on Donate.   Once on the page, look for the line that says, I know my Referrers Information, click on that box and type in 8544, the National Freedom Forum Referral Number to make our voices heard.   Give as much as you can to take back our country. 

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