Friday, September 21, 2012

Americans - Where Is The Outrage

Americans should be outraged at what we are seeing around the world.   The brutal killing of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Libya and all the Islamic fanatics protesting around the world is an outrage.   We should be protesting in front of the Arab embassies in the US and other countries to show our anger at these people for preaching hatred in the name of religion.   We The People who have given so much in blood and treasure to protect freedom around the world and help people who hate us must stand up and say enough.   We are done with these people who would murder Americans given the chance and we must call them what they are, Terrorists Killers and do whatever is necessary to do away with them to protect our people.   

And, where is the outrage at the politicians in our country that are bankrupting our country.   Socialist President Obama has added $6 Trillion to our $16 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, to take care of his PEEP's, those that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, illegal aliens, public employee and other union members, radical women and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists.   Obama who believes in redistribution of income wants to take from the Makers in our country and give to the Takers, not only in our country, but around the world.   To that we must say enough and NO MORE.   We have had it.

Where is the outrage at knowing that politicians of both political parties have stolen the money that we contributed into Social Security and Medicare and spent it on annual operating expenses so much so that these programs are now facing bankruptcy.   Baby Boomers that paid for these programs now face means testing, or receiving no benefits at all.   The crooks in Washington have been spending our money on all their pork barrel projects to win reelection to continue feeding at the trough.   Many of these characters should be in jail not in Congress. 

Where is the outrage at knowing that we have the natural resources in our country to be energy independent so we can tell these countries in the Middle East to eat sand.   Instead, we have Obama's Gestapo, the Environmental Protection Agency, destroying our energy industry and preventing the development of our own natural resources.  The end result will be higher energy prices and a lower standard of living for the American people. 

Where is the outrage at knowing that the Federal Reserve is printing money to buy federal debt, which is destroying the value of the dollar.   In fact, the United States is already bankrupt as the Federal Reserve must fund 75% of the $4 Billion a day that the federal government is borrowing because there are no other takers in the market place since US Treasury Bonds are actually already junk bonds.  These idiots in Washington have made a real mess of our country. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   If we have any hope of restoring respect for our country around the world and economic growth and job creation again in America, we must elect Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States and gain Republican control of Congress.   And, when we do, we must hold their feet to the fire to get it right this time, or they too should be thrown out of office.   We must make Obama, the Liar and Chief, a one term President and also sweep his Socialist pals, that are bankrupting our country, out of government. 

We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, Americans get angry and show your outrage at the polls on November 6.   It is time to drain the swamp at all levels of government and take back our country.

P.S.  To donate to Mitt Romney's campaign to make Obama a one term President, just go to and click on Donate.   Once on that page, look for the line that says, I know my Referrers Information, click on that box, type in 8544, the National Freedom Forum Referral Number to make our voices heard.  Give as much as you can to take back our country. 

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