Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Piggish Chicago Teachers On Strike

30,000 Chicago Teachers are on strike denying 350,000 Chicago kids an education.   Though Chicago Teachers are among the highest paid in the country with average salary of $76,000 and Cadillac pension and health care benefits, that are exempted from ObamaCare regulations and taxes, as a pay off to teacher unions, the piggish Chicago Teachers Union is demanding even more.   The Chicago School Board has offered a 16% pay increase, over three years, when the average Middle Class family has lost $4,000 a year since Obama took office.   Average income in Chicago in the private sector is around $50,000 a year, with far less rich benefits. 

Of course, the Teachers Union is out to protect pension and health care benefits that already far exceed what is common in the private sector; but what is really at issue is Job Performance Evaluation.   The Teachers Union does not want teachers held accountable for their job performance, as would be common in any private sector job to receive merit increases, bonuses, or to even to stay employed.   This is particularly relevant since Chicago public schools are among the worst in the country, with 48% drop out rates and really poor student performance.  However, this really does not amount to a hill of beans anyway because teachers get pay increases regardless of performance and it is almost impossible to fire a teacher as a result of tenure so not really sure why all the hoopla, or the need to disrupt Chicago failing public schools.  But here we are. 

This is another example why collective bargaining is incompatible with public employment as was stated by then Socialist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who opposed unions and collective bargaining for public employees.   Greedy Public Employee unions are contributing to the bankruptcy of our country in a vicious circle of corruption involving campaign contributions to their employers, school board members and Socialist politicians all feeding at the trough.  It has to stop and soon.

Collective bargaining for Public Employees should be outlawed and or severely restricted.   Campaign contributions to elected officials by Public Employee Unions amounts to nothing more than graft of the highest order.   It absolutely should be outlawed for the corruption that is really represents.  This is not a matter of Freedom of Speech; but rather an incredible conflict of interest and a pay off for goodies received in kind.  Individual public employees should be free to contribute to election campaigns, if they so choose, as an expression of their political leanings. 

Of course, the Socialist Party of America, led by none other than Barack Obama with strong ties to Unions, will never limit Public Employee Union rights because they are the direct beneficiary of their dues monies.   After all, whose bread you eat, whose song you sing.   And, Obama sings like a canary when it comes to Teacher Unions in particular, since Teachers make up a big constituency of the Socialist Party.  It does not matter that poor kids are trapped in failing, inner city public schools in the new slavery.  It is all about political power at the end of the day, not educating kids.   Let's at least be honest about it.

If we are ever to improve public education, we must sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014.  We need real education reform, which includes ending teacher tenure to fire poor teachers, real job evaluation systems, merit pay to reward great teachers and School Choice to allow poor kids to escape lousy inner city public schools.  We also have to get back to basics in teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and history and stop all the politically correct nonsense that now happens in public schools.  It is really about common sense and nothing more. 

We must elect Common Sense Conservatives to get the job done as we take back our country, which includes improving our failing public schools.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We have to end all these people feeding at the trough at our expense.  In the mean time, watch what happens in Chicago.  Raum Emmanuel, the Socialist Mayor of Chicago and Obama buddy, will cave into Teacher Union demands, just wait and see.  After all, whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing

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