Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thanks To Our Brave American Veterans

As we celebrate Memorial Day, often at the Mall taking advantage of Sales, or on the road coming back from a few days vacation, let's not forget the real purpose of the day, which is to honor fallen and wounded soldiers and all American Veterans that have fought to preserve our freedom.   The fact is that freedom is not free.  Millions of Americans have fought and thousands have died, or were wounded to preserve our nation and our freedom.  We all owe these young men and women and their families significant gratitude for their sacrifices.   Our thanks can't be measured in money; but it can be measured in the benefits we owe these brave soldiers that do come back from war in one piece, or have been wounded. 

While Socialist President Obama appears to support our Veterans, Obamanistas have pushed more of the cost of their medical care on to our brave soldiers.   This makes no sense when we learned recently that illegal aliens are gaming the system claiming fictitious children on their tax returns, some even living in Mexico, to extract money from the American people in the form of child tax credits.   We recently discovered that about $4 billion in refunds each year are going to illegal aliens in this type of fraud and that Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader refuses to allow a Republican bill to come to the floor that would simply require a Social Security number listed in tax returns to properly identify these children.   And, then there are the billions of dollars that Obama has wasted on crony capitalism green technology; like bankrupt Solyndra and others.  Those billions of dollars should be spent on our brave soldiers medical care and other deserved benefits; that's for sure.

And, when our Veterans come back from war, we need to make sure that they have access to colleges, or vocational training to make them employable above all others.  In fact,  this is one case where helping with expenses, while these young Vets are furthering their education, makes perfect sense as pay back by a greatful nation.   Instead, many Vets come back to no jobs because our economy is such a mess thanks to Obama's failed economic policies.   We can do better.  

So as we celebrate Memorial Day, we honor our Veterans.   We know that just as they fought to protect our nation and our freedom, that we too must do our part to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life by electing a President and Members of Congress committed to free market capitalism, a balanced budget and limited Constitutional government.   That means sweeping Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014.  We can do it.  We must do it to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States and a loss of our freedom and national sovereignty.   Our Veterans have fought to preserve our nation and freedom overseas.   Now we must do our job and take back our country from those who do not understand the American Exceptionalism exemplified most by our Veterans.      

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