Sunday, May 13, 2012

Republicans Must Attract Latino Voters To Win

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party in general must devise a common sense plan to attract Latino voters to win in 2012 and 2014.  This means dealing with the illegal alien issue in a way that recognizes both reality and the need to stop illegal immigration.   Since most Latinos are Catholics, they are natural values voters that could help form a Republican majority for years to come.  This is all about common sense.   There are about 12 million illegal aliens living in America today.   The notion that these people should all be deported is ridiculous.  It will never happen, so why even suggest it.  

Instead,  Republicans must develop a workable plan that recognizes that the illegal alien population should be broken down into various categories requiring different solutions.  First, it should be said that we must secure our border above all else to stop illegal immigration and the drugs and perhaps Terrorists coming into our country.   The United States cannot continue being Mexico's welfare program because we are broke.   As such, illegal immigration has to stop.  

Next, we must accept that under current law children born in the United States to either legal residents or illegal aliens are citizens of the United States.  However, going forward, we must enact a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states that only children born to American parents are citizens of the United States.   This concept is in line with the laws of most of other countries, including Mexico.   The notion that anyone can come across our border illegally and have a child in the US, who is automatically an American citizen, is crazy.  This too has to stop.     

Any illegal alien that has been convicted of a crime in the United States, after serving time in jail, should be immediately deported upon release.   It is perfectly reasonable to ship criminals back to their home countries rather than allow them to reenter American society.   Deportation of criminals would be supported by Latinos living in the US since they are often the victims of these criminals.  

Illegal Aliens living with American children in the US should be provided Green Cards to make them legal resident aliens, provided they are willing to pay a sizable fine over a ten year period as a cost of that Green Card and they are not on any kind of public support.  After ten years, provided they have learned English, they should be allowed to apply for citizenship.   It is unrealistic to believe that we are going to deport current illegal aliens with American children any time soon.   That is just not going to happen.  As such, we must devise a plan that recognizes both that they have committed a crime by entering our country illegally, requiring a fine as restitution and a 10 year waiting period before they can attain American citizenship, provided they are self supporting.  

Illegal Aliens in the United States, without American children, should also be fined for entering our country illegally and given work permits as guest workers.  Those people should go through the normal immigration process, which means they must wait their turn in line just like immigrants from all other countries.    Going forward, we should implement this guest worker program to allow Mexicans, in particular, to enter our country legally, rather than illegally, with the understanding that this is not the path to citizenship for them, or potentially their children born in the United States.  

Finally, for better or worse, we must assist Mexico with economic development and destroying the drug cartels in that country.  Unfortunately, Mexico's problems become our problems because chaos in Mexico forces many to seek a better life in the United States.   We have to help Mexico create jobs in Mexico so that the need for illegal immigration is diminished.   This means assisting them with improving their educational system, perhaps even teaching English, to make Mexico more of a global player and logical trading partner with the US.    This goes beyond NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.

All of these ideas are just common sense and could be the basis for a Republican Plan to attract Latino voters.  Mitt Romney is a very smart guy.   He would make a very smart President; but it is not likely to happen if we can't attract Latinos to the Republican Party.   The Bloggers suggestions are a good way to make it happen.   The goal is to form a new Conservative Majority in the US by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014.  There is absolutely no reason Latinos should not be part of that Majority. 

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