Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama Is In Trouble In Ohio

No Republican has ever been elected to the Presidency, in modern times, without carrying the state of Ohio.   Socialist President Obama carried Ohio in 2008; but it looks like he is in trouble there now.   This Blogger recently spoke to a relative in Ohio.   All of my Ohio relatives, that remain in that state, are salt of the earth, hard working, blue collar, old fashioned Democrats.   They are ethnic, Catholic and in many cases former union members, or they were married to union members.   In talking to one of my cousins, she indicated that she will vote Republican in 2012 for the first time in her life because she said "Obama has done nothing for the country".   She went on to say that her friends and other relatives are also planning on voting Republican.   This change is big trouble for Obama. 

It is very clear that these Reagan Democrats, that are cultural conservatives, do not relate to the Socialists that live on both coasts; the elites in the Democrat Party including President Obama, most Socialist Members of Congress, the left wing lame stream media, Hollywood types, radical environmentalists, trial lawyers, those on the dole and crony capitalists.  Yes, many of these people tend to be union members; but they do not always tow the party line when it comes time to vote for Socialists that do not share their personal values and beliefs in faith, family and country.   These are the people Obama referred to when he said they cling to their religion and guns in the Mid West. 

President Obama's further move to the left to gain campaign contributions from both coasts will alienate many old fashioned Democrats in swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida.  And, if Obama does not carry the majority of these states, as he did in 2008, he is sure to be a one term President.   Making war on the Catholic Church will hurt Obama in these states where there are many ethnic Catholics.  And, Obama coming out in favor of Gay Marriage is offensive to many of these voters that might be able to live with Civil Unions; but see marriage as a holy sacrament between a man and woman. 

As Ohio goes, the nation is likely to go.  It is not that these people are so enamoured with Mitt Romney in Ohio; though his experience as a job creator and his family will resonate with them, it is that they are starting to see Obama as a Socialist radical, which was always the case.   Reagan Democrats are by nature conservatives and there are plenty of them in Ohio and the rest of the Mid West and battle ground states.  They got duped by Obama in 2008; but it is not likely to happen again.  There are also 100 million Evangelical Christians in the US, many of whom live in swing states.   They will decide this election.  Obama is currently in trouble in Ohio.   The voters of Ohio are common sense, hard working people that are starting to see the real Obama.  They don't like what they see and will vote accordingly.   

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