Monday, May 28, 2012

Making The Desert Bloom - A Big Idea

Instead of wasting billions of dollars on high speed trains to nowhere in California that we really don't need, this Blogger proposes that we build a pipeline from the Pacific Northwest to California and Nevada to bring water to the Southwest to make the desert bloom.  Think about it.  It rains about nine months a year in the Pacific Northwest and most of that water just drains to the sea.   Instead, we could build a massive pipeline system from the Pacific Northwest to the Sacramento River Delta, which ultimately would get that water into the California Aqueduct system that brings water from Northern California to Southern California.  

Once in Southern California, we could build additional pipelines to transport water from California to Arizona and New Mexico.  In addition, as part of this project,  it would be possible to follow the railroad line over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to get water to the Truckee River, which drains to Lake Pyramid.  Once there, water could be transported both to Las Vegas and to Salt Lake City.   Just imagine the potential if the barren desert,  along the way on all these routes had access to water from the Pacific Northwest to support agriculture, ranching, manufacturing and homes.   Yes, this is big idea; but big ideas made our country the most prosperous in human history.  

This project, funded by the private sector, not government spending would create millions of jobs and for years to come.   It might be, that as happened when the railroads were built, the government could grant Bureau of Land Management land along the pipeline in the desert to the entities investing in the project.   That land could later be sold, or developed to pay for the project the same as occurred with the building of the transcontinental railroad.  And, or all of this could be paid for with private equity financing, you know the kind that is demonized by Socialist President Obama.  

But wait a minute, I forgot about Obama's Gestapo, the Environmental Protection Agency and all the radical Environmentalists in the US that would sue to stop this project from ever happening because they hate logical big ideas.  These radicals complained that oil might be leaked from the Keystone Pipeline as a basis for stopping that project.   In this case, since it is water that would be transported, the leak argument would be moot.  Who cares if water is leaked.  Instead, they would claim that animals and natural habitat would be harmed.  Maybe so, for a short period of time; but trees grow back and animals reproduce as a natural instinct.  

Bringing water from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest makes perfect sense.   To do so, would require government action as we re-purpose the EPA into an Environmental Solutions Agency run by managers in place to foster economic growth and create jobs rather than destroy both.  We can make this big idea project happen; but to do so we must first sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014, along with their radical Environmental supporters that are all job killers.   

We must take back our country to foster economic growth and create jobs once again in America.   We can make big ideas happen once we send the job killers packing.  Our prosperity depends on it.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can make the desert bloom; but only after we drain the swamp in Washington DC and many state capitals.   It is time for big ideas, not small minds harming our country.      

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